Tuesday, March 24, 2020

3/24 - CHINESE VIRUS: 46,805 CASES, 540 DEAD

Two posts today.

NOTE: I have decided to no longer title these posts COVID19 (since that is a WHO designation of sorts) but CHINESE VIRUS because that is what President Trump is calling it, but will use COVID19 in the body of posts since it is shorter to write.

I have restructured the DAY number to have DAY 1 begin with the first U.S. case, which came out of Washington state on JAN 21, instead of how I had been reporting, which I had borrowed from The Big Wobble, who was tracking reports out of China.

Information for U.S. COVID19 cases and deaths come from either Johns Hopkins Global Map or from South China Morning Post.

3/24, DAY 65 - 46,805 (540)
3/23, DAY 64 - 41,511 (484)
3/21, DAY 61 - 23,710 (296)
3/20, DAY 60 - 14,631 (210)
3/19, DAY 59 - 10,755 (155)
3/18, DAY 58 - 7324 (115)
3/17, DAY 57 - 5218 (92)
3/16, DAY 56 - 4138 (68)
3/15, DAY 55 - 3244 (56)
3/13, DAY 53 - 1642 (41)
3/12, DAY 52 - 1323 (35)
3/11, DAY 51 - 1050 (29)
3/10, DAY 50 - 763 (24)
3/9, DAY 49 - 600 (21)
3/8, DAY 48 - 537 (19)
3/6, DAY 46 - 241 (14)
3/5, DAY 45 - 176 (9)
3/4, DAY 44 - 138 (9)
3/3, DAY 43 - 108 (6)
3/2, DAY 42 - 88 (2)
1/21, DAY 1 - 1 CASE (0 DEATHS)

Watching the virus:

ZEROHEDGE: Cuomo angry that NY not being prioritized

"The increase in the number of cases continues, unabated. The rate of increase has gone up," Cuomo said. "We're not slowing it and it is accelerating on its own."

The state confirmed another 5k cases overnight, he said, bringing the total north of 25k. While New York State has roughly 100k hospitals, Cuomo said he might need as many as 140k. During the press conference, he launched into a rant about FEMA bragging about sending 400 ventilators to NY when the state needs more than 30k.

GG: I'm sorry but maybe NY shouldn't have done this . . . NYC Health Officials Urged Crowds on Feb 9th to Gather and “Not Change Plans” Because of the “Coronavirus Scare”, or this: New York Wouldn't Spend $500 Mil on Ventilators, Willing to Spend $500 Mil On Illegals

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ZEROHEDGE: US Reports Largest Jump In COVID-19 Cases, Deaths
(GG: 10K cases, 100 deaths)

Watching the economic upheaval:

MICHAEL SNYDER: Experts Warn Of A Complete And Utter Economic Meltdown As The Global Coronavirus Death Toll Explodes

ZEROHEDGE: 1929 Redux - This Is Not Your Ordinary Crisis

And don’t compare it to 2008. That ship has already sailed.
This beast here is much more ferocious in speed and impact than 2008.
The decline so steep and fast we can’t compare it with 2008, 2000 or even 1987.

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Watching America's despicable news media and social media:

NYT Editorial Board Spreads Egregious Lie About Virus Relief Bill Fight

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Fake News Hacks Claim Man Died After Ingesting Chloroquine ‘Because of Trump’ – Leaves Out the Fact He Actually Drank Koi Pond Cleaner

PJMedia: When Reporter Demands Trump Nationalize Companies to Fight COVID-19, He Calmly Points to Venezuela

Twitter Sells Out - Will Allow Chinese Government Propaganda About Virus Origin

The Media is a Public Health Crisis