Monday, March 2, 2020


What a week to be gone from the blog, right? I wasn't gone a full week, but it felt like it. There was much news about the coronavirus and some news about Israel. Here are some observations I would like to note.

SUN, FEB 23: US mapping team for West Bank annexation said en route to Israel

The US members of a committee that will map out areas of the West Bank that Israel may annex as part of US President Donald Trump’s peace plan have set out for Israel, Channel 12 news reported Sunday.

SAME DAY, FEB 23: Three Earthquakes Rattle Dangerous New Madrid While Two Rare Tremors Hit Maine

GG: I agree with Strange Sounds assessment -- these NMSZ earthquakes were not "extravagant" at all but just a reminder that the NMSZ is capable of producing devastating earthquakes. The unusual earthquakes in Maine occurred in the town with name of Sabattus. I looked that up, and Sabattus was the name of an Indian chief in that area.

MON, JAN 24: Trump goes to India.

India Rolls Out MAGA Red Carpet For Trump As He's Greeted By Hundreds Of Thousands

GG: This article notes that Jared Kushner is with him on this tour. So apparently Kushner was not in Israel helping with delineating the map. This article also photographs President Trump and Melania in front of the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a world known tourist site because of its beautiful architecture. But we cannot forget that it is a mausoleum -- it is a place of death.

While in India, Trump uses "Macho Man" at his India rally. Frankly, I found this disturbing because even though "Macho Man" has become a "fun" dance song, it is a homosexual anthem. LifeSite noted that President Trump actually affirmed homosexuality twice on his India trip.

White House getting gayer? Trump should exercise caution regarding gay affirmation

SAME DAY, JAN 24: The stock market absolutely gets hammered and it does not ease.

Michael Snyder kept on top of this (as did Zerohedge).

MS: The “Unsinkable” Financial Markets Just Slammed Into A Massive “Iceberg” Called The Coronavirus

JAN 27: Stock market pummeling doesn't stop.

MS: We Are Watching The Stock Market Do Things That It Has Never Done Before

MAR 1: By Sunday, investors are deeply rattled.

ZH: Coronageddon: Can A "Minsky Moment" Be Avoided?

Before the week was through, President Trump had held not one, but TWO briefings to the public on the coronavirus.

We found out, not from his briefings by the way, that the CDC had not been testing the public for coronavirus who presented with symptoms. ONLY those who had been to China (not Italy, not Iran, but just to China) or had been in contact with someone from China were tested.

By no means is this comforting. By no means does this indicate concern for the American public. I get it. There are a lot of Americans. It would be impossible to test each one as they appear, especially since it can take several testings to get a positive result. Nevertheless, I strongly believe the criteria for testing is way TOO stringent. Now we see coronavirus spreading throughout Washington state, and it may have been for weeks.

It's been a bad week for America as far as the economy and as far as the coronavirus. And now we are seeing stores wiped out of masks, toilet paper, sanitizer, bottled water and some groceries. In particular, multiple social media posts show Costco in particular being wiped out of supplies, mainly because they are bulk sellers.

So . . . last Monday, Trump's team was in Israel drawing a map.

This Monday, MAR 2, we have the map. And it's not good news.

'The Trump Map is worse than the Oslo Map'

A week of drawing a map.

A week of some of the worst news we've had in a decade about the economy. Keep in mind, President Trump has been boasting at multiple rallies that HIS economy has been the BEST for America EVER. Well, all that got wiped out in ONE WEEK.

And a week of some of the worst news we've had about the coronavirus here in the US, so much so that it prompted President Trump to hold two press conferences to the nation.  In summary, like how he boasted at rallies about his efforts with the economy, he also boasted at the press conferences that HE prevented the coronavirus from being really bad in America and that most people are not going to be affected by it, and if they are it will be mild. HE assembled the BEST team. HE prevented it from being bad.  It will be fine.

We shall see.

More tomorrow.