Friday, March 13, 2020


Taking Sex Differences in Personality Seriously

Target Shares Plunge After Holiday Sales Missed Forecasts
(GG: Pre-COVID19 impacts.)

Taylor Swift, JUN 17, 2019:
Taylor Swift mocks Toothless Protesters in Political LGBTQ Music Video

Taylor Swift, JUN 30, 2019:
Taylor Swift loses her entire music catalog to a man she does not wish to be associated with --Variety (GG: I don't link to Variety.)

Tax Payers Foot the Bill on Teaching Students How to “Safely Practice” Bondage and Discipline Sex Acts

Teen Vogue Posts ‘Guide to Anal Sex’ on Christmas

Texas AM Hosts Sold-Out Drag Queen Show

Texas Instruments To Close Two Dallas-Area Chip Factories Amid Slowdown
(GG: Pre-COVID19 impacts.)

Thank You, Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Must Be Deposed Over Her Private Email Server Fiasco

Thanks, Obama: Iran Thinks Kidnapping U.S. Hostages Is a Money-Making Strategy

'Theology' of angry, foul-mouthed Lutheran far from biblical

There Were More Than 1.2 Million Monarch Butterflies Wintering in CA in 1997. Now They Are Just 30,000!

They think you’re a joke

This Is The Washington Post On Crack

A Threat Is a Threat, Sen. Schumer

Tom Cotton: Sonia Sotomayor Falsely Accused GOP-Appointed Justices of Doing What Democrat-Appointed Judges Do

The Top Viral Moments Of The 2010s

Toxic Femininity Created Bachelor Peter Weber, The Man-Child No Woman Needs
(GG: No, I don't watch The Bachelor, but found this article interesting.)

Transgenders Attacking Gays and Lesbians for Refusal to Accept Them as Athletes and Same Sex Lovers

Transplanted Hands Mysteriously Change in Color and Shape After an Inter-Gender Hand Transplantation

The Transrealism of the Left

Tucker Carlson: THE REAL QUESTION FOR DEMOCRATS TO CONSIDER: Who Will Be Controlling Joe Biden?

A turbulent decade sees Moscow’s star shine brightly in the Middle East (H/T - SteveC)

Two Accused Sex Offenders, Half-Million in Drugs Stopped at Texas Border

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