Friday, March 13, 2020

3/13 - COVID19 UPDATES: 1642 CASES, 41 DEAD

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Timeline of Cases (Deaths):
Worldwide cases (worldwide deaths); US - cases (deaths) plus any country with more than 50 deaths.

Information from either Johns Hopkins Global Map or from South China Morning Post.

3/13, DAY 74 - Worldwide - 137,445 (5088); US - 1642 (41); Iran-514; Italy-1016; South Korea-67; Spain-120; France-61
3/12, DAY 73 - Worldwide - 127,863 (4740); US - 1323(35); Iran-429; Italy-827; South Korea-66; Spain-84
3/11, DAY 72 - Worldwide - 119,108 (4379); US - 1050 (29); Iran-354; Italy-631; South Korea-60
3/10, DAY 71 - Worldwide - 115,623 (4090); US - 763 (24); Iran - 291; Italy - 463; South Korea - 54
3/9, DAY 70 - Worldwide - 111,397 (3,892); US - 600 ((21); Iran - 237; Italy - 366; South Korea - 51
3/8, DAY 69 - Worldwide - 108,446 (3,790); US - 537 (19); Iran - 194; Italy - 366; South Korea - 50
3/6, DAY 67 - Worldwide - 101,701 (3,460); US - 241 (14); Iran - 124; Italy - 197
3/5, DAY 66 - Worldwide - 97,840 (3,347); US - 176 (9); Iran - 107; Italy - 148
3/4, DAY 65 - Worldwide - 94,261 (3,214); US - 138 (9); Iran - 92; Italy - 137
3/3, DAY 64 - Worldwide - 92,315 (3,131); US - 108 (6); Iran - 77; Italy - 52
3/2, DAY 63 - Worldwide - 89,839 (3,062); US - 88 (2); Iran - 66 deaths


Xi has PUBLICLY PROMISED the COVID19 will have been beaten by the end of March, and that the overall economic goals for 2020 are still in place.
GG: I will leave this link here until the end of March and let's see if Pharaoh XI is right or wrong and if his Chinese people can make bricks without straw.

MARCH 10: President Xi Declares Victory Over Coronavirus In Visit To Wuhan


US: The Number Of Coronavirus Cases In The United States Is Likely Far Higher Than We Are Being Told

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Texas: Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church cancels all worship services due to coronavirus

Washington: Seattle Running Dangerously Low On Protective Gear Amid Largest Outbreak In Country

Washington, D.C.: Capitol Building & Congressional Offices Go Into Lockdown After Senate Staffer Tests Positive

Washington, D.C.: U.S. Capital Declares State of Emergency Amid Rising Coronavirus


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Italy: "We Are Treated Worse Than Garbage": Italian Families Stuck Inside With Bodies Of Dead Spouses As Nationwide Lockdown Begins

Italy: Elderly Will Be Denied Intensive Care as Coronavirus Overwhelms Italy's National Health System, Experts Warn

Italy: To virtue-signal and prove not racist, Mayor Of Florence Encouraged Italians To "Hug A Chinese" Before Pandemic Hit

North Korea: About 200 Soldiers Die From Coronavirus and Another 4,000 Quarantined While Officials Continue to Claim Covid-19 Disease Did Not Flow Into the Country Yet

Russia: Russia Has Recorded Zero Coronavirus Deaths
(GG: Hint -- they closed their borders back in January.)

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Spain: Last Week's 'Women's Day' March Led To Surge Of Deadly Coronavirus Infections In Madrid

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Thailand: Massive Monkey Gangs Are Fighting For Food On Thailand Streets As Tourist Food Disappears

UK: Health Experts Slam "Wooden" UK Coronavirus Response: "Playing Roulette With People's Lives"