Thursday, March 12, 2020


Economic turmoil:

MARCH 12: Stocks Crash into Bear Market Faster than 1929!

MARCH 12: Panic? You Haven't Seen Anything Yet...

MARCH 12: Bazooka Fired: Fed To Conduct $1 Trillion Repo Over 2 Days, Expands "Not QE" To QE4

MARCH 12: Risk Parity Funds Just Suffered The Biggest Loss In History

MARCH 12: Fed Injects $198 Billion Via Repos To Unfreeze Paralyzed Funding Markets

MARCH 12: Funding Markets Are Freezing: Global Dollar Shortage Hits Alarming Levels

MARCH 12: Global Systemically Important Bank Stocks Crash To Record Low

MARCH 11: Fear Of The Coronavirus Is Causing A Stock Market Apocalypse - Michael Snyder

MARCH 11: Boeing To Drawdown Full $13.8 Billion Revolver, Hinting At Bank Lending Freeze

MARCH 11: Double Whammy Of Shocks Plagues Companies Across World As Virus Spreads

MARCH 11: "Fool Me Once..." - No, This Drop & Pop Is Not A Q4 2018 Replay

MARCH 11: Liquidity Getting Worse By The Day: Fed Injects Record $132 Billion With Overnight Repo

MARCH 11: Orders Plunge For Italy's Luxury Suppliers Amid Nationwide Lockdown

MARCH 10: Covid-Contagion Spreads: American, Delta, Spirit, & United All Pull Guidance, Slash Flights

MARCH 10: February Heavy Duty Truck Orders Plunge, New 2020 Estimates Call For A 31% Drop

MARCH 9: Here Are 18 Breathtaking Facts About The Stock Market Crash Of 2020, And Experts Are Warning This Is Far From Over

MARCH 9: Apple Suffers "Doomsday" Plunge In iPhone Shipments Across China

FEB 12: 1937?

JAN 28: All Eyes On Apple: Will The Market's Biggest Pillar Finally Crack


Nearly $1 million from Burisma to Joe Biden's son - despite no experience in oil and gas industry

$54 Million in Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration to Joe Biden's brother — Despite No Experience


$1B threat from Joe Biden to Ukraine violated the law

$1.5 billion from China to Hunter Biden (scroll down and see tweet)

$3.6 billion for 175 miles of border wall

$11 Billion Write Down for Chevron Is A Warning For The Entire Oil Industry
(GG: Note -- this was pre Russia-Saudi Arabia oil war.)

$23 billion a year for taxpayers to pay for health care for illegal aliens
(GG: Note -- that figure is from OCT 2019, WAY pre-Wuhan virus days. It would be even more now.)

$95 billion injected Via Repos by Fed To Unfreeze Paralyzed Funding Markets

$150 Billion by Americans On Illegal Drugs Last Year

$500 BILLION! "Massive... Huge... Largest Ever": Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis
(GG: Note -- this is from DEC 2019, pre Wuhan virus days. I link to this to remind that the Fed was already pumping HUGE amounts of money into the system before the financial shocks of this past week.)


$1 Trillion mark for the Deficit

$3 Trillion wanted by Cory Booker to fight climate change
(GG: Yes, Booker is no longer in the race, BUT his position is something ALL Dems have in common, so if a Dem becomes President, trillions to "fight" climate change will be a priority.)

$8 Trillion Tax Hike would not Stifle Economy claims Warren
(GG: Yes, Warren is no longer in the race, BUT her position is something ALL Dems have in common, so if a Dem becomes President, trillions in tax hikes will be part of the package deal.)

$17 trillion in value gained by global stock market in 2019
(GG: And by March 2020, a lot of that is gone.)

$255 Trillion in global debt, an all-time high, 330% Of World GDP

$944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds
(GG: Note the date -- JAN 20, well before this week's tremendous financial turmoil.)