Thursday, March 12, 2020

3/12 - COVID19 UPDATES: 1323 CASES, 35 DEAD

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Housekeeping note: Going to more US-centric stat in the post title line.

Timeline of Cases (Deaths):

New format: Worldwide cases (worldwide deaths); US - cases (deaths) plus any country with more than 50 deaths.

Information from either Johns Hopkins Global Map or from South China Morning Post.

3/12, DAY 73 - Worldwide - 127,863 (4740); US - 1323(35); Iran-429; Italy-827; South Korea-66; Spain-84
3/11, DAY 72 - Worldwide - 119,108 (4379); US - 1050 (29); Iran-354; Italy-631; South Korea-60
3/10, DAY 71 - Worldwide - 115,623 (4090); US - 763 (24); Iran - 291; Italy - 463; South Korea - 54
3/9, DAY 70 - Worldwide - 111,397 (3,892); US - 600 ((21); Iran - 237; Italy - 366; South Korea - 51
3/8, DAY 69 - Worldwide - 108,446 (3,790); US - 537 (19); Iran - 194; Italy - 366; South Korea - 50
3/6, DAY 67 - Worldwide - 101,701 (3,460); US - 241 (14); Iran - 124; Italy - 197
3/5, DAY 66 - Worldwide - 97,840 (3,347); US - 176 (9); Iran - 107; Italy - 148
3/4, DAY 65 - Worldwide - 94,261 (3,214); US - 138 (9); Iran - 92; Italy - 137
3/3, DAY 64 - Worldwide - 92,315 (3,131); US - 108 (6); Iran - 77; Italy - 52
3/2, DAY 63 - Worldwide - 89,839 (3,062); US - 88 (2); Iran - 66 deaths


Xi has PUBLICLY PROMISED the COVID19 will have been beaten by the end of March, and that the overall economic goals for 2020 are still in place.
GG: I will leave this link here until the end of March and let's see if Pharaoh XI is right or wrong and if his Chinese people can make bricks without straw.

MARCH 10: President Xi Declares Victory Over Coronavirus In Visit To Wuhan


The Big Wobble: Day 73: Mar 12th: COVID-19 ‘Bioweapon’ Conspiracies: Hordes of starving monkeys seen storming empty streets in Thailand: A widow is trapped in her home with her husband's corpse: Tests indicate coronavirus can survive in the air.
(GG: Shout out to The Big Wobble for the GREAT job on LOTS of good links in daily posts. Thank you!)

Breitbart: 196 People Die of Coronavirus in Italy in 24 hours

Don Boys: During the Plague Year in London, People Turned to Religion!

H News Wire: “The Worst Is Yet To Come”: Pestilence Is Lethal, Its Not The Flu Bro

Michael Snyder: The Entire Western World Is Starting To Shut Down As Authorities Brace For “Millions” Of Coronavirus Cases

Peak Prosperity: The W.H.O. (Finally!) Declares Coronavirus A "Pandemic"

PJMedia: After Utah Jazz Abruptly Walk Off Court, NBA Announces Player Has Coronavirus and Suspends Season
(GG: This was breaking news on our local TV stations last night.)

Saxo: "Trump's Address To The Nation Failed Abysmally In Calming Sentiment"

GG: President Trump spoke to the nation from the Oval Office last night at 9 pm Eastern time about the coronavirus. His remarks ended at 9:11. His speech, believed to have been written by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, did not calm markets today

Strange Sounds: Coronavirus Crisis Reaches the Arctic and Imperils Gigantic Ice-Locked Research Expedition

Strange Sounds: Italy Coronavirus: This Guy Was Trapped at Home With His Dead Sister During 36 Hours Without Help Before He Published this Horrifying Video; he called for help from officials, but no one came

Weasel Zippers: White House Confirms Executive Order That Will End Medical Supply Chain Reliance On China
(GG: Good!)

Zerohedge: Brazilian Official Who Took Photo With Trump, Dined At Mar-a-Lago, Tests Positive For The Coronavirus

Zerohedge: Utah Jazz player, Tom Hanks, Europe flight ban

GG: Utah Jazz player tests positive for COVID19 just before game with OKC prompting cancellation not only of the game, but of the rest of the season; Utah player had previously mocked either the media or the COVID19 virus by touching all of the media's mics

GG: Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson announce on Instagram that they have tested positive for COVID19

GG: Trump announced ban on all flights from Europe except from UK -- Europe not happy to learn of this, claim COVID19 is a global problem and apparently does not believe any one country should be taking unilateral moves to protect citizens