Wednesday, February 5, 2020


I was so troubled by Nancy Pelosi last night that I was up early this morning and wrote the following thoughts. I've not read when anybody else has to say about her actions, but I am sure there are many who, like myself, are in disbelief at her uncivil behavior. What she did does not bode well for the country. Her contempt will NOT bring this country together because she let us all know she doesn't want this country to be united.

Like many Americans, I was actually shocked to see Nancy Pelosi throw a temper tantrum and rip up President Trump's speech.

She thought it was clever optics.

Americans saw palpable hate.

And not just for President Trump.

In the few pieces of paper in her hands were the stories of several American lives. Like the young mother holding her precious daughter who was born early at 21 weeks or so and needed advanced medical care. Thankfully, she got it. Last night Americans saw a young mother and little girl who beat the odds to survive only to have Nancy callously rip up their story like it was just another third-trimester abortion. You gotta hand it to Pelosi's daughter Alexandra who famously said of her mother, “She’ll cut your head off, and you won’t even know you’re bleeding." Well, Alexa, we see what you mean.

In those few pieces of paper was the story of an Angel brother, a man grieving for a beloved brother who was shot while putting gas in his car, something that millions of Americans do everyday, by an illegal alien released despite a detainer request by ICE. This happened in California, a state that turned its back on morality and law a long time ago. That brother's tears were in those pages, but Nancy ripped up those pages in his face.

In those few pieces of paper is the reminder to Americans that many servicemen are still serving in the bleak, barren hostile country of Afghanistan. They are serving in a war that started long before President Trump came to office; in fact, long before President Obama took to the podium for his first SOTU, more interested in destroying the healthcare system in America than trying to get our soldiers home. President Trump spoke of one serviceman on his fourth tour to illustrate that these men and women have been gone from loving homes for far too long and pointed to that soldier's young family sitting in the gallery to remind Americans that we cannot forget our soldiers and that this war needs to come to an end. Then to the surprise of that young family, her husband and their father joined them! What a joy for us all to see! For a moment, most of us forgot about impeachment, Wuhan virus, maybe even climate change, to rejoice with a happy moment for a family. But not Nancy, she ripped up that happy moment as nothing. I've been in that young family's shoes. I and my two young children (3rd grade and 1st grade) have waited for the man I call my husband and my children call their dad to come home from Desert Storm in 1993. Nancy ripped our happiness at his return as nothing to her. By the way, Speaker Pelosi, I had a 22-year-old cousin who took his last breath of life in Afghanistan shortly after "some people did something" on 9/11. There is no joy in a black body bag, only tears and an ache in the soul that never fades away. Too bad you can't rip that out.

In those few pieces of paper was the story of a Tuskegee airman and of retired Brigadier General Charles McGhee. More soldiers' stories. African-American stories. These black men who served to protect our country during WWII deserve our thanks and appreciation. They prove that valor knows no color. The hard part of their stories is how the U.S. government allowed from 1932-1972, shameful syphilis experiments on black soldiers. This began under FDR and ended under Nixon. We really don't know how many soldiers and their families suffered as a consequence; what the government did to them will always be a stain on the U.S. flag. It was right of President Trump to acknowledge the Tuskegee soldiers. Perhaps it was loyalty to FDR, a Democrat, Nancy ripped up the pages holding their stories, or perhaps indifference to what happened as like, 'Dude, that was 1932'; either way her hatred of President Trump was too great to show at least some respect to those men.

In those few pieces of paper was the story of young black girl denied the opportunity to go to the school of her choice. See, the public school system believes in keeping children, both black and white, on public plantations and no one should be allowed to make a run for freedom. President Trump had a moment where he helped a young girl escape and then encouraged Congress to help others escape. This should be a no-brainer, but it is very difficult for ideologues on the Left to allow parents to pick the school they want for their children. Angry Nancy disdained that little girl's hope of a brighter future by ripping it up.

In those few pieces of paper is the 40-year span of American history that is Rush Limbaugh. On the Left, they have Meatheads, on the right we have Dittoheads of which this writer has been a Dittohead for many, many years. I have found in Rush Limbaugh's commentaries and insights and foresights and hindsights and gunsights many a thought that is unfettered from the weights of animosity, callousness and wretchedness that is the Democratic party. I am grieved to hear of his advanced lung cancer and certainly pray for him in this difficult time of his life. You would think no one wants to hear this kind of news about anyone, but, of course, I am wrong. You would think that for one moment, the Democrats could set aside their animosity, callousness and wretchedness and let Rush Limbaugh have his moment to receive the high honor that President Trump bestowed upon him with the awarding of the Medal of Freedom. But no. With all the animosity, callousness and wretchedness of the Democrats embodied in Nancy Pelosi, she ripped up Rush Limbaugh's moment and with it the moment of joy all of those who love him and adore him.

President Trump spoke about many things last night, many American things. There were more people than the ones I've mentioned above (like Kayla Mueller), jobs, the economy, and the low unemployment rate, particularly among black Americans. These are things that President Obama spoke of but only in platitudes and never in the sense of anything he was really interested in achieving. Obama's goals were much baser, destruction of human life in the womb, hijacking the health care system to deliver Leftist policies, elevating sodomy from fringe to fashion, and the only war he was interested in was the one on women by putting men in ridiculous dresses and garish makeup in their dressing rooms and bathrooms. And only God knows where these new Pennywises "womyn" are putting the tampons they insist on having. Thankfully, President Trump doesn't share President Obama's godless values. And after Speaker Pelosi's temper tantrum, we see he doesn't share her heartless ones either.

Pelosi says she ripped up President Trump's speech because it was 'dirty.' Not San Francisco dirty because that's its own kind of filth. Like stinky poop from squatting on the sidewalk kind of filth. Mistress of the Swamp's home district has the same kind of morally vile filthiness hanging over her city as the rancid smoke of a JLo Super Bowl half-time Canaanite orgy show, only slightly less classy. Unlike Jeb!, however, the men of Pelosi's district don't break a sweat and tweet excitement over JLo's invitation to her bottom.

Personally, I don't think Speaker Pelosi can fall any flatter on her face, but then she might surprise me. What surprises me is that I thought she still had some level of class because, well, her tantrum did surprise me. But now, nothing will surprise me -- she ripped that right out of me.