Friday, February 7, 2020


Jake Tapper And TIME Attack Ben Garrison After Cartoonist Invited To White House

James Comey's FBI Had Multiple Informants on Trump Campaign

James O'Keefe's Twitter account locked down after reporting on Bernie Sanders volunteers who wanted Conservatives in gulags

James Woods is Back on Twitter

Jared Kushner responds to report that PA chairman and former PM will publicly oppose "Deal of the Century": I find it almost pathetic.

“I find it almost pathetic when they criticize people’s efforts to try to solve it, because it comes from a lot of jealousy that they couldn’t get it done themselves,” Kushner told reporters after briefing UN Security Council members on the peace plan.

Olmert, he added, should help the plan rather than “trying to grab a headline when you’re irrelevant.”

Jay Sekulow Demolishes Schiff, Pelosi on Executive Privilege: Remember Eric Holder?

Jeff Bezos Commits Amazon to Saving the World from Climate Change

Jerry Nadler's fatal mistake on impeachment

Jessica Yaniv, Trans-Activist, Complains That Gynecologists Won't SeeHim Her

Jihad and Criminality: Inseparable Bedfellows

The Jihadist Obsession with Houris, Islam’s Heavenly Whores

Jim Carrey Says Paintings of Republicans Dying Were Never About ‘Hating Anyone’

Joaquin Phoenix 'Can't Avoid Flying' But Wants Everyone to Stop Eating Meat to Fight Climate Change

John Brennan Goes After Lamar Alexander for His Witness Vote

John Brennan Goes after Rand Paul, but Paul Just Lights Him Up

John Roberts Denies President His Sixth Amendment Rights

John Stossel Destroys Climate Change Myths in Terrific Video

Johnson and Grassley Greatly Interested In Hunter Biden’s Flight Logs

Jon Ossoff, Another Democrat calls for obliterating Trump supporters because he couldn’t win an election, either

Jon Ossoff: We Need to Beat Trump Backers So Badly They Can’t Show Their Faces in Public

Jonathan Turley, Democrat law professor, calls on Nancy Pelosi to resign after her paper-ripping tantrum after the SOTU, her behavior was beneath the Speakership

Jordan Peterson Calls Out ‘Self-Righteous Censors’ Over Cancelled Free Speech Debate on Media Bias

Jorullo and Parícutin Eruptions Volcanoes Ahead? More Than 1,800 Earthquakes Hit Michoacán-Guanajuato Volcanic Field, Mexico

Joy Reid Calls Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad “Trump’s Benghazi” – Don Jr. Drops in and Sets Her Straight

Judge Jeanine: 'Obama started the Trump hate'

Judge strikes down rule allowing clinicians to object to abortions for moral or religious reasons

Judge Voids 'Conscience Rule' on Abortion for Health Care Workers

Jupiter Is Firing Dangerous Comets On Earth

Jury of His Enemies: 2020 Dems Try to Subvert American Voters

Just Hours After an Anti-Semitic Stabbing Spree, NBC’s Chuck Todd Decides to Trash the Bible

Justice Dept Probes Google


TEPCO says new leak has spilt 20,000 litres of radioactive coolant at the stricken Fukushima Nuclear Plant: It is now almost 7 years since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared everything is "under control"

TEPCO Proposes 44-Year Plan To Decommission Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant

Japan Set To Release 1.2 Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into Ocean, Causing "Immeasurable Damage"

Japan Extends Lead Over China As Biggest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys

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