Thursday, February 6, 2020


Two posts today.

Timeline of Cases (Deaths):

(Note: Worldwide cases include cases in China, but deaths in parenthesis are deaths outside of China. Keep in mind with China, there are people in China who are insisting that the true number of cases and deaths has been distorted by the Chinese government.)

Information from Johns Hopkins Global Map

2/6: Worldwide - 28,353 (2); China - 28,088 (563); US - 12 (0)*see comment below
2/5: Worldwide - 24,631 (2); China - 24,405 (494); US - 11 (0)
2/4: Worldwide - 20,704 (2); China - 20,492 (427); US - 11 (0)
2/3: Worldwide - 17,491 (1); China - 17,308 (361); US - 11 (0)
2/2: Worldwide - 17,065 (1); China - 16,884 (362); US - 9 (0)
2/1: Worldwide - 14,140 (0); China - 13,970 (304); US - 8 (0)
1/31: Worldwide - 9925 (0); China - 9783 (214); US - 6 (0)
1/30: Worldwide - 8200 (0); China - 7711 (170); US - 6 (0)
1/29: Worldwide - 6151 (0); China - 6151 (132); US - 5 (0)
SARS: Worldwide - 8098 (0); China - 5327 (349); US - 8 (0)

*Comment: Johns Hopkins is clear on the number of cases, separating the cases from China from worldwide, but not so clear on deaths. One has to hunt down the list to find the countries with deaths. I had to correct yesterday's worldwide death total because I misread their graphic. Besides that, I think the cases OUTSIDE China will tell us more than what the Chinese will tell us. Hopefully JH will improve the 'deaths' part of their map.


SCMP: Coronavirus: Everything you need to know in a visual explainer

GG: I put this article is a must read.



JAN 6:

"We'd Rather Die At Home" - Chinese Citizens Rebel Against Mandatory Quarantine As Lockdown Expands

Pandemic, Lies and Videos - What Were We Thinking?

China To Slash Tariffs On Some U.S. Imports By 50%

How long before people realize that China proactively capitulating on tariffs is a sign of how serious the economic impact of this virus situation actually is?

JAN 5:

There Is Something Very Strange In The Latest Chinese Official Coronavirus Numbers

Wuhan Crematorium Inundated With Coronavirus-Infected Corpses

The Daily Star reports that "thick fog" across the city could be the result of smoke from crematoriums burning coronavirus-infected bodies "24 hours a day".

Coronavirus Will Whack 2% From Global GDP Growth In Q1: Goldman

The Lies We Are Being Told About The Coronavirus

As the world stands at the edge of a global pandemic event, the people who are immune to the effects of lies have an opportunity to take action should the virus continue to expand beyond the borders of China. We have a small window of time, perhaps a couple of months, in which we can prepare ourselves for the fallout and ensure we are as protected as we can be. This means taking precautions to prevent viral transmission, increasing the strength of our own immune systems, prepping for the loss of supply lines and freight shipments to retailers, organizing family, friends and neighbors for mutual aid and security, as well as preparing for the inevitable government attempts at martial law.

China Confirms 70 New Deaths, Raising Global Total To 562, As 10 More Cases Confirmed Aboard 'Diamond Princess'

Carrie Lam Caves, Closes All Hong Kong Crossings Into Mainland China

Hong Kong Confirms 2nd Non-Mainland China Coronavirus Death As Hospital Workers Strike, Over 200,000 'Under Observation'

Russian Evacuees From China To Be Quarantined In Remote Siberian Region


CIDRAP: China marks biggest nCoV jump; WHO unveils response plan

DAILY RECKONING: China’s Collapse Has Only Begun

MICHAEL SNYDER: The Coronavirus Outbreak Shows “No Signs Of Slowing” As Crematoriums Burn Bodies 24 Hours A Day

ORGANIC PREPPER: The Dystopian Horror of Life Under Quarantine in China

SCIENCE: ‘This beast is moving very fast.’ Will the new coronavirus be contained—or go pandemic?

SUMMIT: Report: Woman in China Shot Dead For Attempting to Break Through Coronavirus Roadblock

THE BIG WOBBLE: Coronavirus: Day 37: Where is Xi Jinping? Not seen in public in 8 days: ‘We’d rather die at home than go to quarantine’: “Nature punishing the uncivilized habits and customs of humans.” Scientist.

THE BIG WOBBLE: Coronavirus: Day 38: Feb 6th: Accidentally released real data? Almost 25,000 deaths and more than 150,000 infected: "Official figures" almost 30,000 infected in China, 563 deaths,: 30 hour old baby infected


STRANGE SOUNDS: Seven Ways Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Will Change Our World

Some observations:

1. GG: China has shared the genome data BUT NOT THE ACTUAL PHYSICAL SAMPLES OF THE VIRUS. This is a HUGE problem to me. It looks like China is hiding something.

Chinese researchers sequenced 2019-nCoV days following the outbreak. Preliminary genome data is available online, although they have yet to share physical samples of the virus.

2. Another report of China's regime 'shaking' from the effects of this virus though Xi boasted 'no force can shake the foundations of China.'

The current crisis is shaking up China’s formidable regime:

The Party propaganda machine is working hard to control the messaging but the revelations that there were medical professionals in Wuhan trying to warn about this virus back in December but were silenced by the stability maintenance apparatus has provoked an uproar. […] This is as close to an existential crisis for Xi and the Party that I think we have seen since 1989.
(emphasis original)


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