Thursday, February 6, 2020


Peace Process:

Two meetings about Trump's 'Deal of the Century are coming up. The first is a meeting in NYC today:

Kushner may head to UNSC ahead of Abbas on Trump plan

A US official said that, “Kushner will travel to New York on Thursday to brief UNSC ambassadors on our Vision for Peace.”

The second is Monday:

Naftali Bennett to meet with counterpart Mark Esper in Washington

FEB 6, JPost: Olmert, Abbas to host joint press conference against Trump peace plan

FEB 4, JPost: Trump's plan may put settlement communities in danger

FEB 4, Times of Israel: The art of no deal: Who’s subverting Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan?

FEB 3, JPost: Kushner: 'Deal of the Century' map can be changed by Palestinians

JAN 29, JPost: US Amb. Friedman: Before annexing settlements, committee approval needed

JAN 30, One News Now: Objectives: Destroy Trump, destroy Bibi

JAN 30, Zerohedge: Mahmoud Abbas Seeks UN Security Council Rejection Of Trump's 'Deal Of The Century'


SOTU Aftermath:

NYPost: NY Post On Pelosi At Trump State of the Union: She Was a 'Tore Loser'

CNS NEWS: Pelosi Rips Up Copy of President’s State of the Union Speech; Calls it a ‘Manifesto of Mistruths’

DAILY CALLER: ‘Ripped Our Hearts Out’: SOTU Guest Whose Brother Was Murdered Reacts To Pelosi Ripping Up Speech

GATEWAY PUNDIT: After Ripping Up Trump’s SOTU Speech, Pelosi Scolds GOP Lawmakers For Chanting “Four More Years” on House Floor – “Serious Breach” (VIDEO)

IOTWR: Pelosi can rip up Trump’s State of the Union address, but she can’t change his accomplishments

MICHAEL SNYDER: When Pelosi Ripped Trump’s Speech In Half, Was It A Harbinger Of What Is About To Happen To America During This Election?

ONE NEWS NOW: Trump rips socialism, Pelosi rips speech

PATRIOT RETORT: Nancy’s Childish Stunt

. . . I’m not offended by this childish stunt. Truth be told, I’m delighted by it. Delighted that, live on television, Nancy Pelosi showed the American people just how little regard she and her scowling caucus of grumpy, ugly partisans have for us.

PJMedia: Rep. Gaetz Files Ethics Charges Against Pelosi, Saying She Broke the Law with Her SOTU Stunt

WEASEL ZIPPERS: Watch: Omar, Tlaib Refuse To Stand In Honor Of Last Surviving Tuskegee Airman, General McGee

BTW, Rep. Mike Johnson Offers Speaker Nancy Pelosi Some Acquittal Pens To Pass Around


Pierre Delecto's vote:

PJMedia: Trump Destroys Mitt Romney on Twitter Following His Vote to Convict

MICHAEL SNYDER: Mitt Romney Is The First Senator To Ever Vote To Convict A President From His Own Party

THE FEDERALIST: What Does Mitt Romney Even Stand For? An Investigation

AM THINKER: Explaining why Mitt Romney really voted to convict Trump

Mitt Romney wasn't voting for Trump's impeachment as much as he was voting to obviate the electoral will of millions. . . . Romney tries to hide his contempt for the average GOP voter behind a veneer of salt-and-peppered elder statesmanship. But he's just as petty and small as those he gets on his tiptoes to look down upon. Former staffers on the Romney campaign are rebuking their former boss, saying he's "motivated by bitterness and jealously." That's somewhat true, but it's not the full story. As much as Romney craves hero status among the Georgetown set, he hates that the very people who backed his presidential run also stood behind a vulgar reality TV host. The difference is that Trump won. Romney will never forgive Republicans for making that happen.

GG: I think the above commentaries all hit on part of why Romney did what he did, but I think the following article hits a little closer to the truth. See what you think.

OCT 3, 2019: DEAD MEN DON’T NEED IMPEACHMENT. Swamp in Panic: Trump In Danger.

I had the above article bookmarked for today, but then saw a similar article at The Federalist:

Top Romney Adviser Worked With Hunter Biden On Board Of Ukrainian Energy Company