Monday, February 3, 2020


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Timeline of Cases (Deaths):

(Note: Worldwide cases include cases in China, but deaths in parenthesis are deaths outside of China. Keep in mind with China, there are people in China who are insisting that the true number of cases and deaths has been distorted by the Chinese government.)

Information from Johns Hopkins Global Map

2/3: Worldwide - 17,491 (1); China - 17,308 (361); US - 11 (0)
2/2: Worldwide - 17,065 (1); China - 16,884 (362); US - 9 (0)
2/1: Worldwide - 14,140 (0); China - 13,970 (304); US - 8 (0)
1/31: Worldwide - 9925 (0); China - 9783 (214); US - 6 (0)
1/30: Worldwide - 8200 (0); China - 7711 (170); US - 6 (0)
1/29: Worldwide - 6151 (0); China - 6151 (132); US - 5 (0)
SARS: Worldwide - 8098 (0); China - 5327 (349); US - 8 (0)



India To Probe Wuhan Institute Of Virology

GG: Indian scientists were 'forced' to withdraw their report claiming that the Wuhan virus has insertions of HIV. But I've got a question for you, after having spent some years as a mere pharmacy tech for the largest retail chain of pharmaceuticals in the U.S. -- why would Thai doctors use the HIV antiviral drugs if it doesn't have the HIV insertions?

Coronavirus Makes The Market... Impossible To Predict!

Everyone paying attention knows that the size of the derivatives market dwarfs the global economy. Several books on derivatives have been written and the size of the derivatives market could be larger than $1.2 quadrillion. To put this in perspective it is about 20 times the size of the world economy.

"I Can't Let My Mom Die At Home" - Desperate Patients Swarm Wuhan Hospital As Hong Kong Closes Border

GG: The title of this article is tame compared to the content of this article. Patients can't even get to hospitals, and when they do, they are in crowded rooms with other sick people, then sent home without even being tested and told to self-quarantine. How many people are dying in their homes? Drones are being used to check people's temperatures! That does not ease concerns about the lethality of this virus. The NYT (ugh!) says that this is going to 'circle the globe.' There will be an emergency phone call among the G-7 today to discuss 'strategies for containing the outbreak.'

Wuhan Begins Human Trials Of New Gilead Coronavirus Vaccine

GG: Read this next sentence, which is an excerpt from the article, (particularly the last 7 words) carefully: Gilead's experimental drug hasn't been approved by any regulators, but it's being tested on the front lines of the outbreak in the absence of any approved remedies.

Michael Snyder: 4 Plagues Are Marching Across Asia Simultaneously: Coronavirus, African Swine Fever, H5N1 Bird Flu And H1N1 Swine Flu

American Thinker: Is the Coronavirus Outbreak China's Chernobyl?

The Big Wobble: Coronavirus: Day 35: Hundreds of hospital workers in Hong Kong strike: Coronavirus fears wipe $400 BILLION off the value of China's stocks: Almost 20,000 infected in China Prof believes more like 100,000

Strange Sounds: Giant Flocks of Crows and Huge Mosquitoes Invade Skies and Cities Around Coronavirus Ground Zero Zone in China

Epoch Times: Russia Considers Deporting Foreigners With Virus

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