Monday, February 3, 2020


Halftime show was filthy!

GG: Kids in cages, stripper poles, gyrating, crotch-grabbing -- it felt like I was watching some ancient orgy. I kept waiting for that giant idol of Molech or Baal that's been traveling around the world to appear. And what was up with the Puerto Rican flag? JLo is appropriately named -- she hit a new 'lo' with her 'performance.' I really didn't know which I needed first after she was thru huffing and puffing, a barf bag or a shower.

And poor Jeb! Bush -- if this got him feeling all 'tweety,' then something's not working right in his life. Considering the optics, C'mon man, keep it to yourself!

The Extremely Sexual (And Political) Halftime Show...That Jeb! Loved

Pole Dancing and Porn: Jeb Bush Cheers Trashy Super Bowl Halftime Show

NFL's Raunchy Halftime Show Featuring Jennifer Lopez's A** Should Result In Harsh Fines for Fox

Evangelist Franklin Graham: Super Bowl Halftime Show Was ‘Sexual Exploitation of Women’
(GG: No kidding!)

UPDATE, 3:30 pm: Okay, please forgive me for being a little slow, BUT I get it now. All of JLo's crotch grabbing was a slam at President Trump and his supporters because of his 'grab them by the p---y remark.' If JLo put kids in cages to slam him, then that's what she was doing here. So while people cheered and hollered and Jeb! got all excited on Twitter, it's because JLo and Shakira just put their hate of President Trump and their hatred of Trump supporters RIGHT IN OUR FACES!


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