Wednesday, February 12, 2020


M4.7 Earthquake Hits off Oregon Coast: Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone a Ticking Time Bomb?

A macabre devotion to the killing of unborn children is destroying the Democratic Party

Macy's To Cut 2,000 Jobs And Shutter 125 Stores Amid "Significant Structural Change"

Maher: Trump Is President Because Americans Live in an Age Absent of Facts, Education

Mainstream Media Is Now Admitting That Humanity Is Facing “A Perfect Storm”

Making the Planet Fit for Food: Climate Protesters Attack Vermont's Dairy Farms

Man Deliberately Crashes Van Into GOP Voter Registration Tent, Targeting Trump Campaign Volunteers

Man stabs, kills pro-Trump boss, drapes American flag over him, deputies say

Many Parents Giving Their Babies Outlandish Names — To Stand Out On Social Media!

Marijuana memories: Just one hit of weed makes people falsely recall events that never happened, study finds - Daily Mail
(GG: I don't link to DM.)

Matt Walsh destroys transgenderism in less than a minute

Media Keeps Demanding Facebook Let It Censor Republican Ads

Media Laud Report Saying Abortion Is Good for Business

The Media’s Latest Narrative Against Trump Reveals Their Desperation

MEGA SWARM: UN warns of 'major shock': Africa locust outbreak spreads: Swarms of billions of locusts destroying crops in Kenya, biggest outbreak in 70 years, as well as Somalia and Ethiopia, India and Pakistan . . . ALSO, Catastrophic Locust Invasion in East Africa Reaches Full-Blown Crisis as the Billions of Devastating Locusts Spread and Could Become the Most Devastating Plague in Living Memory

Men are showing up to the Wing and women are pissed

Meteorite crashes into Alwar factory compound in Rajasthan, leaves 6 m (20 feet) deep crater, India

Methodists not the only ones deviating from Scripture

Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Really Running For President, And That Should Worry You

Michael Flynn's Defense Files Motion Saying His Former Legal Team "Betrayed Him"

Midler erupts on Twitter, claims Dems are 'too polite' and that the men should get 'in the ring' after Republicans and even hints Dems should kill Repubs (CAUTION - MIDLER HAS A BAD POTTY MOUTH IN THIS LINK)

Millions of Americans Seethe with Rage Over the Assaults on President Trump

Misled: Senators claim IG FISA Abuse Report Misled Public About Crossfire Hurricane

Missionary Franklin Graham blackballed from multi-city UK tour for views on homosexuality

Mitt Romney's Links to Burisma

More Robotic than Hillary - Patriot Retort

'The Most Dangerous Game' remake: Film Depicting Liberal Elites Hunting Conservatives Will Finally Be Released

The Most Easily Manipulated Man in the World

Moynihan, Doyle: Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers
(GG: I don't think the Dems are interested in protecting the identities of these whistleblowers.)

MSNBC Host Likens Trump Defenders To ‘Flat Earthers’

Mueller Prosecutors Said to Have Lied to DOJ Leadership About Roger Stone Sentencing

The Mullahs share the Democrats’ disappointment after Trump's acquittal

Muslims Celebrate! Harvard Declares Koran 'Best Book on Justice'