Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Larry C. Johnson: FBI Lied to a Federal Court Regarding Seth Rich

Larwyn’s Linx: The DC Cover-up That’s As Big As Spygate

Las Vegas pizzeria is taking the world by swarm

Last Suspect in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Finally in Court

Laura Ingraham shows emails tying alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama WH meeting on Burisma

Laura Loomer Files FEC Complaint Against Twitter for Political Bias

Left-wing GLAAD to honor Taylor Swift for pro-LGBT activism

Lemon Offers Lame Apology To 'Illiterate Redneck' Trump Supporters

Lemon Encourages ‘Shaming’ Of Republicans

Lemon and Panelists Laugh at Trump and His 'Boomer Rube' Voters

Lenders Seek Congressional Approval For No Income Mortgages

Lesbian Episcopal ‘priest’ named new head of National Abortion Federation

Let's be specific: 'Islamic fascism' is the problem

Levin Unveils Video of Bolton Describing Trump’s Discussions with President of Ukraine

LGBT Activists Shouldn’t Encourage Teens To Use Grindr App Complicit In Gruesome Murder

LGBT Activists Slander the Evangelicals for Trump Coalition

LGBT Crowd Celebrates Super Bowl Ad Exposing Nation to Drag Queens: 'Ready, Cracker?'

LGBT Students Harassing Christians On Campus Isn’t Activism — It’s Bullying

‘Liberal Hacks’: Ted Cruz Dropkicks Chris Cuomo After His Nasty Attack Against Martha McSally

Liberals Apologize For Slavery by Kissing Boots of Black Power Group Members

The Limbaugh Letter: 28 Years of Conservative Excellence

Lindsay Graham: Impeachment Ends When Democrats Lose Control of Congress

Liquidity Panic Returns: Term-Repo Most Oversubscribed Since Start Of Repo Crisis As Fed Injects $94.5BN

Lisa Page Describes ‘2019 in 5 words’ in New Tweet, Followers React

The List: 26 GOP Senators, 97 House Republicans Ask for More Foreign Workers to Fill U.S. Jobs

London Times Says Embracing Traditional Gender Roles is a Form of ISIS-Style Extremism

The long term ramifications of SpaceX’s crew Dragon on the future of the human race

‘Looking Down At People’: James Carville Issues Warning To Democrats

Loon Patrol: Elizabeth Warren Vows She'll Let a 'Young Trans Person' Choose Her Secretary of Education

Lunatic Stripping 'Non-Binary' Socialist Challenging Sen. Susan Collins Gives Away Guillotine T-Shirts

'Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier' Remark from Joe Biden to young Dem voter reminds us: The Dem Candidates Are ALL Crazy

The Left:

Leftist Battle Cry: Cancel All Things Conservative

Left Ignores Soldiers Maimed and Killed by Soleimani’s IEDs

Left Claims Women Are Essential To Business But Optional To Families

The Left's Hatred

Goodbye, America – The Left’s Contempt For the United States is Our Greatest Danger

The Left's childishness has gone stale

The Left Hates The Salvation Army. That's All You Need to Know About the Left

The Left-Right Divide Is About Reality Itself

Lefties try to weasel out of past encouragements to rage against NYPD