Thursday, January 23, 2020


A NATION UNDER JUDGMENT? Foreigners Will Be Put Above Thee.

When a nation is under judgment, Deuteronomy 28 spells out how one can tell. We read of multiple examples in the early chapters of Exodus as the Pharaoh that opposed Jehovah came under judgment for his defiance against God's Will. Because of Pharaoh, food sources were destroyed, Egypt was littered with dead and dying livestock and animals, homes and public buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged because that's what judgments do -- they destroy and dismantle a nation's infrastructure and the economy. David Wilkerson wrote in several of his books the different signs of judgment upon a nation.

Deut. 28: 43: The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.

That verse mean foreigners, immigrants, illegals, will come in and be given precedence over and at the expense of the nation's own citizens.

Given preference at jobs:

ATT Laying Off Americans, Forcing Them to Train Their Foreign Replacements

Census: Indian Visa Workers Driving Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs

Democrat Attorneys General Demand Fast-Track Work Permits for Illegals and Migrants

Lobbyist Says U.S. Critics Are ‘Racist’ for Opposing Stealth Transfer of Millennials’ Jobs to Indian Migrants

Immigration Expert: Government Program Incentivizes Employers to Discriminate Against Citizen College Grads

Rep. Paul Gosar: Get a STEM Degree, Watch Foreigners Take Your Job

Senator Mike Lee’s bill attempted to favor Chinese and Indian Workers Over US Workers

Justice Dept. Defends ‘OPT’ Program Which Pays Investors to Hire Foreign Graduates

Democratic 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg says he will recruit “an awful lot more” immigrants “to take all the different kinds of jobs” in the U.S. economy

New York Times Disdains Wage Raises for Blue-Collar Americans

Free education:

NY Democrats Kill Bill for Tuition for Gold Star Families, Pass Tuition for Illegals Instead

Rand Paul: Taxpayers Pay Community College Tuition for Foreigners

Free healthcare:

California to become the first state to extend health benefits to some who live in USA illegally

Rahm Emanuel: Dems Want To Give Illegal Aliens Free Health Care, Take Away Health Insurance From 150 Million Americans

(gg: Barack Obama and the Dems owe Joe Wilson an apology. He said this would happen.)

Free pass at airports:

TSA Lets Illegals Skip Airport Security Lines Ahead of Citizens

Free pass on committing crimes:

Dems: Nobody is above the law … except Illegals

Especially in certain 'sanctuary' states:

CA: In California, Illegals Come First; Californians Don't Matter

CO: Denver Doubles Down on Sanctuary Policy After Illegal Alien is Arrested in Hit-and-Run Fatality

NY: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve

NY: Mayor DeBlasio Blasted by Law Enforcement Officials for Sanctuary Laws that Allowed the Murder of 92-Year-Old Woman

NY: New York State Blocks ICE and Border Patrol Access to DMV Database

Free pass on coming over the border illegally:

Senate Democrats Demand Amnesty For Foreign Nationals

House passes farm bill that critics say grants ‘large-scale amnesty’ to illegal immigrants

Sen. Booker 'personally accompanied' asylum seekers across the border

Preferred housing:

NYT: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants

Tom Steyer: Americans Must Provide Cheap Housing to Illegal Immigrants

16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers

Social welfare preference over Americans:

SEAL who killed bin Laden mocks 2020 Democrat for caring about 'immigrant families' instead of 'homeless veterans'

Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, according to the latest research

Important to note:

The reason the Left wants the citizenship question blocked . . .

Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Block Citizenship Question on 2020 Census


Losing our republic: ‘Long lines’ of illegals form in NY to get driver’s licenses without ANY fear of deportation

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Aliens to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

Decades of immigration may have taken 24 House seats from Trump states

Five States Face Federal Lawsuit Over Inaccurate Voter Registrations

ILLINOIS: Illinois Secretary of State: Automatic Voter Registration Allowed Non-Citizens to Vote in 2018

OHIO: Investigation Uncovers Hundreds of Illegally Registered Non-Citizen Voters