Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Starting the year off with NEWS UPDATES.

Dan Bongino Discovers Critical New Information In Report That Directly Contradicts IG’s Conclusions

Dan Bongino: ‘You’re Out of Your Freaking Mind’ if You Think I’m Going to ‘Apologize for Being Born Male’

Dan Crenshaw challenges entire premise of Ukraine impeachment efforts

Dan Crenshaw Slams House Dem Who Called Him a “Racist” Over His Stance Against Illegal Immigrants Voting

The Dangerous Lessons the Left Is Teaching Our Kids

Dave Chappelle Succinctly Sums Up The First And Second Amendments In Two Sentences

DC Jury Finds Roger Stone Guilty of Seven Counts of Process Crimes, The Same Crimes That Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, etc. Are Not Being Charged With

DEA: Lethal doses of fentanyl found in 27 percent of counterfeit pills made by Mexican drug cartels

Dean Foods, America's biggest milk producer, files for bankruptcy

Death Industry Wants to Murder Babies Without Parental Consent

Death panels: Quebec considers allowing doctors to euthanize dementia patients without their active consent

Death of the Dem Party as We Know It

De Blasio Deports Thousands of Homeless Families Across America

Deep State FBI Given Hard Evidence of Hillary Clinton-Linked $66 Billion Libya Scheme — Launched Junk Investigation Against Trump-Russia Hoax Instead

Deep State Media Whistleblower Double Standard

Deep State NSA and ATT Assisted Adam Schiff in Unprecedented Surveillance of Giuliani, Nunes and Reporter Solomon’s Phone Records

The Democrat Left is the Party of Racism, Divisiveness, and Balkanization

Demographic Jihad? Virginia Muslim Doctor Tied Women’s Tubes Without Their Consent

Demystifying The Global US Dollar Shortage

Destruction Of The Family: The U.S. Has The Highest Rate Of Children Living With A Single Parent In The Entire World

Devin Nunes is the Real Person of the Year

DeVos, DOJ Slam Campuses for repressive speech codes -- they're becoming "mini police states"

DHS Wants Americans Subjected To Mandatory Facial Recognition At Airports

Diagnosis: An infestation of political correctness

Different Sexes

DiGenova Calls Admiral Mike Rogers’ Cooperation With Durham Team the ‘Biggest Single Development’ in Case, Here’s Why

Disney Streaming Growing By 1 Million New Subscribers Each Day

DNC colluded with Ukraine

Doctor Speaks Out at SCOTUS Protest: ‘We Need to Understand’ Causes of Gender Dysphoria

Doctors cheered for standing up for 'trans' children

Doctors in Illinois Caught on Tape Plotting to Take Custody of Newborns Whose Parents Refuse Vitamin K Shots

Don Surber: The Trumpenfreude List

Don't Ban Equality: A list of companies who say that abortion is good for their businesses

Don't Move to Austin. It's Rotting from Within.

Don’t Waver, Deplorables! Washington Will Never Accept Trump

Dreams Of My ‘Caliphate’ -- declassified docs shows Obama supported ISIS more than Americans realized

DRUDGE LOSES IT! Goes Full-on Never-Trump — Loses One-Fifth of Audience, 200,000,000 Page Views!

"Duck, Duck, Doom" - When Big Pharma Decides Who Among Us Is Worthy Of Saving

Durham Investigation Is Criminal: a Disaster for the MSM

Dutch Priest on Pope Francis: 'I Rightly Think He Is a Heretic'

Bonus post below: BORN WHITE? TOO BAD.