Wednesday, November 20, 2019


San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia As A "Sexual Orientation"

San Francisco's New District Attorney Will Let You Pee and Poop All Over the City

SAN FRANCISCO, PARADISE FOR CRIMINALS: Appeals Court in Kate Steinle Case Overturns Murderer's Only Remaining Conviction

San Francisco puts 22 states on blacklist for restrictive abortion laws

Schiff Leaked Disinfo To Politico As Part Of 'Impeachment Scheme', Lawsuit Claims

Schiff, the Whole Schiff, and Nothing But the Schiff

Schlichter: Trump Is Derailing The Elite's Gravy Train

Scholars say Philistine genes help solve biblical mystery

Scientists discover new geophysical phenomenon - Stormquakes

Secondary School Girls Locked Out of School for Refusing to Wear Required Gender Neutral Uniforms

Secretive Arabella Advisors Really Behind ‘Grassroots’ Protest Movement Opposing Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Secularism among Dems advanced during Obama years

Senate Democrats Assail Another Catholic Judicial Nominee for Pro-Life Views

Senate Sets Date For FISA Abuse Hearing

Senator Rand Paul's annual waste report

Saudi National Gave Thousands of Illegal Donations to Obama Inaugural Committee, Report Finds

Sex Change Regret: Walt Heyer

Smart Faucets And Toilets Use Alexa To Listen To Your Conversations

Snit Romney

Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights As Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent

Social Security is a Sinking Ship

Sprite commercial has a LOT of transgender/gay stuff, but not anyone actually drinking Sprite!
(GG: Another soft drink I can do without now.)

Star Wars 'Last Jedi' Director Rian Johnson Brings 'Knives Out' Against Trump Voters

'Star Witness' Admits He Wasn't On Trump-Ukraine Call, Sole Source Was NY Times

STUNNING: List of Trump Administration Accomplishments

Supreme Court handed down one of the most dangerous rulings against 2ND Amendment & the gun industry

Supreme Court Allows Victims Of Heart Disease, Obesity To Sue Utensil Manufacturer -- Babylon Bee
(GG: Heh.)

Sweeping pro-abortion victory as Democrats seize control of Virginia legislature

The "Safe Drivers Act" Is A Real-Time National Driver Surveillance Program

The Scale and Scope of the DOJ Control Agents – DOJ FISA Official Quietly Removed After IG Draft Report Sent to Bill Barr

The Scandal of Politicizing Minnesota Schools

The Social Decay That We See All Around Us Is Absolutely Breathtaking