Monday, October 7, 2019


Pastor David Wilkerson claimed that he was not a prophet but a watchman on the wall.

I am not a prophet, and I refuse to allow anyone to put that tag on me. But I am a watchman. Just one of many in this nation who now warn Americans to get ready for persecution and judgment. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976


Appliance inventories will pile up, and sales will fall off dramatically. --The Vision, 1973

Just Before The Great Recession, Mountains Of Unsold Goods Piled Up In U.S. Warehouses – And Now It Is Happening Again

US Manufacturing PMI Plunges To 10-Year Lows


The auto industry is going to be hurt badly. --The Vision, 1973

April US Auto Sales Crash 6.1%, Worst Slide In 8 Years

More than 4.2 million new cars are stacked up unsold as of this month – which is an alarming half-million more cars than were stacked up guess when?

"Everything Is Under Scrutiny": 38,000 Layoffs Across Auto Industry May Only Be The Beginning

Moody's Downgrades Ford, And Its $84 Billion In Debt, To Junk


Marijuana will be legalized. --The Vision, 1973

Cuomo Signs Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana Use In New York


Men will look religious in public but privately will not fear God:

God help those men in high places who pretend to be righteous but whose fear of God is not according to truth. They claim to be children of the Most High God, yet they show themselves to be liars. They are ashamed of their God. They appease the wicked and exalt the haters of God. They call on God in public, but in the secret chambers of their hearts they fall before the idols of power and fame: This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me (Mark 7:6). --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

New York governor Cuomo visits Western Wall

Cuomo Bans Cat Declawing But Allows Abortion Up to Birth

New York becoming ‘haven’ for abortion tourism as other states pass pro-life laws

NYC To Be 'First City In The Nation To Directly Fund Abortion'


Suicide by overdose will dramatically increase:

Economic setbacks and confusion will catch many unprepared for the consequences. Suicide will follow. There will not be a repetition of scenes so familiar during the Great Depression when businessmen committed suicide by jumping from windows. Nor will they be putting guns to their heads and pulling the triggers. The new method will be suicide by overdoses from sleeping pills and other chemical sedatives. --The Vision, 1973

. . . suicide by overdose will become so widespread that hiding it will become impossible. ---The Vision and Beyond, 2003

The Suicide Rate In The U.S. Has Hit The Highest Level In 50 Years, And There Is Concern That It Will Go Much Higher


Argentina and Brazil:

David Wilkerson was watching Argentina and Brazil. Argentina is in the news from time to time concerning its terrible economic situations. Lately, there have been quite a few stories.

It's about to happen---very soon, one nation, and I'm speaking prophetically--if I've ever heard anything from God in my life, I heard it. Very soon a European or North African or Eastern nation is going to default on its international loan and when that happens, within two weeks, Mexico is going to default. Mexico owes $100 billion ---80% of it to American banks---and here's what is going to happen: about two weeks after the first country goes bankrupt, (we're going to survive that, because most of that (money of the first country) is owed to European banks---German, Swiss and French banks) but a second country is going to go down, probably Argentina or Brazil, and we'll kind of live that down and say: "Well, maybe it's not going to hurt," but two weeks after the first country goes down, Mexico's going to default on $100 billion. (emphasis mine) --David Wilkerson, excerpt 1994 sermon

Argentina Is Officially In Default Again: Credit Rating downgraded To SD

Argentina Proposes IMF-Humiliating 'Debt Re-Profile' As It Soft-Defaults For 9th Time Since Independence

Argentine Currency Crashes To Record Low After Debt-Restructuring Plan

Argentine Bonds Could Be Worth Only 30 Cents On The Dollar After A Default

"The IMF Is Guilty": Argentina's Next President Blames Lagarde For Country's Default

Argentina Imposes Currency Controls

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Proponents Have A Big Argentina Problem

The Argentina Siren-Song

Latin America is Collapsing and Taking America With It