Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Watching Dorian:

SEPT 3: As Dorian pummels the Bahamas, there are 4 more areas of concern forming

SEPT 2: New Forecast: Hurricane Dorian Is Going To Absolutely Hammer The East Coast All Week Long

SEPT 2: Hurricane "Dorian" caused 'unprecedented damage' to the Bahamas

SEPT 2: Bahamian Official Filmed Cat-5 Dorian As It Swallowed His Home

SEPT 1: A Category 6 Storm? If The Scale Went That High, Hurricane Dorian Would Be One

SEPT 1: Bahamas take direct hit from catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane "Dorian" - the strongest in history to hit the region

SEPT 1: Dorian Strikes Bahamas with Record Fury as Category 5 Storm


Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she’s a ‘boy’…and he can’t stop it

Daleiden: ‘Kamala Harris Is the Greatest Threat to Civil Rights’ in Generations

Dangerous White Nationalists Cleverly Disguising Themselves as Black and Brown People

Dayton mass shooter and Drag Queen Story Hours both motivated by hatred of women

Days of Lot: New Survey Finds That Evangelical Christian Support for Gay Marriage Has More Than Doubled

Debra Messing and co-actor attempt to persecute actors/actresses for supporting President Trump, Greg Gutfeld puts them in their place

Dershowitz: The Dangerous Stalinism Of The "Woke" Hard-Left

Devin Nunes suing Twitter for defamation, shadow-banning, and censoring conservatives and ignoring lawful complaints of abuse

Did You Hear About HR 838, It Creates a Behavioral Police Force

DiGenova: “IG Horowitz has Concluded ALL FOUR FISA Warrants to Spy on Trump Campaign and Administration Were Illegal”

Dinesh D'Souza: Obamas' Mansion Purchase Exposes 'Hollow Rhetoric' Behind Climate Change

Disaster And Disease In A Havoc Stricken World - Last Trumpet Newsletter

Disney’s Toy Story 4 praised by LGBT activists for lesbian moms scene

911 Dispatcher Tells Drowning Woman to 'Shut Up' During Her Final Moments

DISTURBING: ISIS Using ‘Telegram’ App To Plan Attacks On US Cities

Ditrianum: Potential for large earthquakes early September 2019

DOJ Inspector General Report Rips James Comey For Leaking Memos For Personal and Political Gain

Donald Trump vs. the Elite

Drag Queen Story Hour 'greatest grooming program ever devised,' counselor says

Drag Queen Story Hour Branches Out

Drag queen teaches kids to ‘twerk’ at library story hour

Drug Addict Tries To Kill Woman With a Pitchfork in Leftist Utopia