Tuesday, August 6, 2019


What a horrible weekend! Two mass shootings in less than 24 hours. Look at one of the parallels with Israel as well as the announcements and events (particularly economic with China) of July 31-Aug 5 below, and beginning about 48 hours after Jared Kushner's peace process meetings, which by the way, focused on the economic portion of President Trump's peace plan.

JULY 31: Kushner meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's king about President Trump's peace plan.


JULY 31: White House announces President Trump will be hosting Arab leaders at Camp David to discuss his ideas on the peace process.

YNET: Trump to launch peace conference with Arab leaders in Camp David

AUG 1: Israel - Two attacks on two borders in one day

Two attacks on two borders (one on the southern followed by one on the northern) in less than 24 hours.

One targeted IDF troops stationed along Gaza (southern border), while another targeted Hezbollah positions in Syria’s Golan Heights (northern border).

AUG 2: White House announces that the Trump Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invites "all nations to join us!"

LIFESITE: White House confirms Trump’s LGBT support in multiple pro-gay tweets

AUG 2: Supreme Court to hear ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity’ case Oct. 8

. . . (ACLU) declared it would be “one of the biggest days in LGBTQ legal history."

AUG 2: China Is Extremely Angry, And They Now Consider The United States To Be Enemy #1

Like Israel, the US had two attacks on two borders (one on its southern border followed by one on its northern border) in less than 24 hours.

AUG 3: Mass shooting kills 20 with 26 injured in El Paso, Texas (a southern border state)

Then, within hours . . .

AUG 4: Another Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead, 26 Injured In Dayton, Ohio (a northern border state)

AUG 4: "Journalists," Democrats, liberals and leftists IMMEDIATELY blame President Trump. As usual, none of these groups blame the shooters or hold them responsible for their actions.

AUG 4:  Michael Snyder: Everybody Is Blaming Trump For The Mass Shootings, But There Is A Twist That Hardly Anyone Is Talking About

AUG 4:  PJ Media: As Expected, Trump Blamed for Deadly Massacres

AUG 5: Trump To Address Nation Monday Over Mass Shootings, Says More Gun Control May Be Needed

Then bam! Tremendous economic turmoil - a significant uptick in economic tensions between the US and China, and a big wipeout on the stock market!

AUG 5: For The First Time In 25 Years, US Treasury Just Designated China A Currency Manipulator

AUG 5: China Just Went Nuclear In The Trade War, And There Is No Turning Back Now

This is the most significant economic news:

AUG 5: "On A Scale Of 1-10, It's An 11" - Wall Street Reacts To China's Retaliation

AUG 5: Carnage: Stocks Plunge Most In 2019 As China Sparks Global Turmoil

AUG 5: Michael Snyder: $1,400,000,000,000 Gone In Less Than A Week – Stock Market In Turmoil As The Trade War Dramatically Escalates

We are not out of the woods, not even close. There will be more turmoil in the days to come.