Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Barr testifies 'spying did occur' on Trump campaign, amid reported review of informant's role

Big Puzzle Pieces Connecting – The CIA, FBI, and 2016 Political Surveillance is Merging

Christopher Steele Made Damning Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively Classified

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FISA Court, Woods Procedures And Carter Page

Gowdy: Emails Between Brennan and Comey Show One of Them Demanding that Dossier Be Put in Intel Assessment

James Comey: 'Spying? I Have No Idea What Barr's Talking About. The FBI Doesn't Spy ...'

James Comey Is In Trouble And He Knows It

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New Docs Confirm Dossier Was All About Helping Hillary In The Election, And State Department Knew It

Russiagate: A Moral Reckoning Is Due

Sen. Josh Hawley: Prejudiced FBI Officials Tried to Overturn Results of a Democratic Election

Spygate and The Steele Dossier Were The Cover Story – The Real Issue is Years of Obama-era Surveillance and Political Spy Operations

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