Friday, April 12, 2019


Ebola update:

DRC Ebola surge marks 2nd straight record-setting day; 1,206 cases, including 1,140 confirmed and 66 probable infections

Winter storm Wesley:

30 Inches Of Snow! Another Bomb Cyclone “Detonates” Over The Midwest, And The NOAA Is Warning Flooding Could Extend Into July

South Dakota Blizzard Update 4-11-19 Power Outages, Accidents

Another "Bomb Cyclone" Hammers U.S. Plains And Midwest

Wesley is set to be one of the heaviest April snowstorms on record as a very miserable start to 2019 continues across the US

Yellowstone update:

Yellowstone Uplift Comes in Surges, Earthquake Swarm Continues

Geologists discover a new hotspot in Yellowstone supervolcano


News updates:

"Jack the Ripper" has finally been identified

Jackboots In The Morning: No One Is Spared From This American Nightmare

James Clapper: Deep State Point Man

James Woods invites you to watch Obama ‘dismiss every political figure he’s dealt with in the entire world’

Japan Plans to Flush Radioactive Fukishima Water into the Ocean

Japanese probe detonates ‘bomb’ on asteroid

J.C. Penney Struggles to Avoid Same Fate as Sears

Jeff Bezos Earns More In 30 Seconds Than The Average Worker Makes In A Year

Jeff Bezos: King of the Tech Lords

Jellyfish are increasing in the Pacific due to lack of fish who feed on them

Jeremiah 11:11 Repeatedly Inserted Into The Movie ‘Us’ - Why?

Jesuit Priest Promotes LGBT Social Justice Rosary That Funds Pro-Abortion Nun

Jewish students in NYC ordered by Bill deBlasio to be vaccinated or face closure of private school

Jihad: Islam's Engine


John McCain Associate Provided Dossier to Obama National Security Council

John McTernan: DNC head laments ‘the pulpit,’ religious messages that sour voters on Democrats

Jon S. Tigar: Obama-appointed judge, coddler of criminals, defender of illegals, enemy of U.S. sovereignty

Jonathan Pollard still not allowed to emigrate to Israel

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, Illegal Alien Acquitted of Murdering Kate Steinle, Sues Feds for ‘Vindictive Prosecution’

Judge blocks oil-drilling in Wyoming because of climate change

Judge in Wisconsin Says Duly Elected Republicans Can't Pass Laws

Judge warns girls in school locker rooms have no right to ‘Visual Bodily Privacy,' says boys claiming to be transgendered must be allowed to undress with them without restrictions

Judges Gone Rogue

Judicial Watch Uncovers Obama State Department Had Its Own Anti-trump Dossier — Sent It To Dem Senator Cardin Days Before Inauguration

Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Chairman Schiff for Contacts With Witnesses

APRIL 11, 2019: Julian Assange Arrested by British Authorities

FLASHBACK JULY 2018: Julian Assange And The Dying Of The Light

ANONYMOUS' response to Assange's arrest: