Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Dem Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Immigration and Customs Enforcement ‘Does Not Deserve a Dime’
(gg: If white Christians were pouring over the border, AOC would be at the border trowel in hand.)

Dem Chuck Schumer Smirking Over Late-Term Abortion is the Stuff of Nightmares

Dem Ilhan Omar's hatred for Jews now on daily display

Dem Keith Ellison Is Everything Dems Accuse Kavanaugh of Being

Dem Representative tweets “You’re right to be afraid of us”

Dems: A Plague on the Nation

Dems: Communists and Muslims who hate Israel and America

Dems Are the Party of Destruction

Dems Battle to Limit Your Health Insurance Choices

Dems Chose Hate. The Women’s March is the Result

Dems express outrage at yearbook but yawn at infanticide

Dems Pushing Infanticide Abortion May Be Only the Beginning

Dems somehow block bill prohibiting… infanticide

Dems To Remove God, Gender-Specific Language From Committee Oath

Democrat Activist Charged with Vandalizing New York Synagogue

Democratic contenders hoping to run on soaking the rich

Far-Left Democrats Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib Are Normalizing Anti-Semitism In Democratic Party

Kevin Sorbo: Dems, Women in White ‘Are Out of Touch with America’ on Late-Term Abortion

Oregon Democrats push new bill to OUTLAW self-defense… protecting your family against violent crime is now a whole new crime

Rabbi Aryeh Spero: President Trump was right to call out Democrats' abortion-lust

Sheriffs Warn ICE Could Be Forced To Release 8,300 Criminal Aliens If Democrats Get Their Way

Shooting Survivor Steve Scalise: Democrats Will Not Let Me Testify Against Gun Control

Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes: The Radical Economic Agenda Of The Left Has A Surprising Level Of Public Support

Ted Koppel: Democrats Treated Clinton’s Accusers Worse Than Kavanaugh’s

The Democrats’ Dangerous Gong Show

Trump: "The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens! This is a brand new demand. Crazy!"

When Democrats Accidentally Told The Truth And Media Tried To Pretend It Never Happened

x-Former ICE Director: Democrats Attempting to Force Release of 30,000 Criminal Aliens