Friday, January 18, 2019


March For Life, Today

A massive "Atmospheric River" is set to dump nearly 10 feet, 3 metres of snow and nearly 2 months rain in 2 days on California

Major winter storm to impact the Central and Eastern U.S. through this weekend

The Yellowstone Supervolcano Threat, Tornillos Recorded, Magma Rises

Ditrianum: Seismic Update 17 Jan 2019, Unrest North America


A TIMELINE OF TREASON: How the DNC and FBI Leadership Tried to Fix a Presidential Election [Updated]

America's 2nd Oldest Women's College Starts Accepting Transgender Students

Allah Over America

African Swine Fever Outbreak in China

Average Adult In The U.S. “Logs 6 Hours, 43 Minutes Of Total Screen Time Daily”

As Germany And France Come Apart, So Too Will The EU

American Apartheid: Resurrecting Communism's South African Playbook In The Land Of The Free

And the 4th branch of Vermont's gov't is ...

Americans' Economic Hope Has Collapsed

Actor James Woods: ‘I Have Never Traveled Unarmed Since That Day’

Accidental Opioid Deaths Top Car Accident Deaths for the First Time

Abortion activist to release ‘children’s book about abortion’

American society on its head

Arkansas Swamp Part II: Focus on the Clinton Foundation

As Overdose Deaths Soar To Record Highs, FDA Approves New Painkiller That's 1,000X More Powerful Than Morphine

Afghan Hostage Grabs Gun, Shoots 7 Taliban Captors While They Were Praying, Wounds 18 Others

Austin Residents Saw America's Largest Credit Card Balance Jump In Past Year

AIDS Explodes as Venezuela Collapses Under Socialism

AIDS, TB among migrants in caravan

'Always Listening' - Amazon's Alexa Stores Everything You Say To It; Here's How To Delete

Anthem among health insurers refusing to pay ER bills, doctors say

Authorities Are Using A “Mysterious New Tool” That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone

Ancient ring belonging to Pontius Pilate, man who ordered Jesus’ crucifixion, found near Bethlehem

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Flaky Future of the Democratic Party

Andrew McCabe Authorized Media Leaks, Misled Investigators claims report

Anthem Kneelers and Wife Beaters

Another Week, Another Black Man Taken Down by White Liberals

A spectacularly failed strategy from Justice Ginsburg

Agency that Made Gillette’s Woke, Anti-Man Ad Filled with Radical Feminists, Anti-Trumpers

Artificial intelligence thinks your face is full of data. Could it actually unmask you?