Thursday, December 20, 2018


So the peace plan is to be announced sometime early 2019. And it is promised to be different than previous plans.

Nikki Haley: Trump’s Peace Plan ‘Different’ from All Previous Plans

Two very strong headwinds have come against President Trump.

First, the border wall.

Democrat leaders are refusing to protect American citizens with border security:

Nancy Pelosi celebrates with dancing her victory on stopping President Trump's efforts to secure the border

Chuck Schumer doubles down, calls President Trump's efforts to secure the border a 'petty campaign pledge'

Dems are now officially in support of open borders

David Wilkerson:

An inevitable sign of judgment is the loss of national will and an unwillingness to defend against oncoming tides. Security systems are the first to fail . . . We will soon be unable to detect the enemy forces at our gates. --Racing Toward Judgment, 1976

Pelosi and Schumer and all those who support open borders do not see that they are under judgment.

They should be careful of what they wish for. They may end up paying a big price for all the 'votes' they think they see pouring over our southern border.

Scalise: ‘Every Single Day’ at Least 10 Known Terrorists Are Captured Trying to Cross Our Border

52,000 illegal crossers nabbed in November

200 Central American Migrants Apprehended in One Day at Texas Border

MSNBC Accidentally Airs Ground Report Showing Vast Majority of Caravan are Military Aged Males

When tear gas was deployed those military-aged migrant 'men' pushed women and children to the front and used them as shields.

Border Patrol Official: Caravan Migrants Pushed Women and Children to Front of Clash While Assaulting Officers

BTW, when Obama used tear gas at the border, NOT A PEEP from Pelosi or Schumer or any other liberal.

Violent Migrant Border Incident Exact Replay of When Obama Used Tear Gas at Border

MS-13 gang member caught with migrant caravan; admits using migrants for cover

At Least 15 Known Terrorists Have Been Arrested Trying To Jump The Southwest Border

Honduran Murderer in Migrant Caravan Caught Illegally Crossing into U.S.

NOV 10: 450 Central American Migrants Apprehended at AZ Border in 48 Hours

NOV 15: 654 Central American Migrants Detained After Crossing Arizona Border

Trump accuses Mexico, Central America of trying to 'dump' their unwanted in U.S.

U.N. and not U.S. citizens now determining who is allowed into the U.S., says we must take back deported illegals. Those departed include rapists, pedophiles, gang members and criminals.

Let that sink in for a moment.:

Judge Says U.N. Rules Require Deported Migrants Be Flown Back into U.S.

(gg: That judge should be removed from the bench. And I would tell the U.N. to get out of New York and go jump in a lake in Honduras.)

Pope tries to shame western countries over migrants:

Pope Says Western World "Has Moral Responsibility" To Let In More Migrants

Second, the Fed is doing to President Trump what it refused to do to Obama -- cause economic turmoil by hiking rates.

We are being warned that it could become worse than 1929.

Warnings from Michael Snyder:

DEC 19: Top Economist: “If The Fed Raises Interest Rates Tomorrow They Should All Be Fired For Economic Malpractice”

DEC 20: Is The Federal Reserve Actually TRYING To Cause A Stock Market Crash?

DEC 16: “Something Is Wrong Here”: U.S. Stocks Plunge Again And Are Having Their Worst Quarter In 7 Years

DEC 10: Sabotage: The Deep State Has Destroyed Trump’s Chances Of A Trade Deal With China, And The Stock Market Is Tanking As A Result

DEC 6: The Mainstream Media Declares That This Is “The Worst Time In Decades To Make Money In The Markets”

Warnings from Zerohedge:

Running Out Of Lifeboats - Has "BTFD" Become "STFR"?

US Debt Nears $22 Trillion Mark As "Storm Clouds" Indicate "Another Financial Crisis" Looms

This Is The Worst December For Stocks Since The Great Depression

Dow Dumps 1400 Points From Post-Powell Highs

Futures Whipsaw Violently In Aftermath Of Fed Hike Turmoil

Much to be watching as we approach the unveiling of the peace plan.