Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Kim Dotcom:

Kim Dotcom Warns Of Economic Collapse – Says "Buy Gold And Bitcoin"

Turmoil in Turkey:

Russell Napier: "Turkey Will Be The Largest EM Default Of All Time"

It's not just Turkey, the dollar liquidity storm is ahead of us – buckle up

Erdogan's Warning to the US

Three Things Are Deadly For Emerging Markets, And "Turkey Might Provide The Trigger

Commerzbank Warns Turkey Facing Hyperinflation As CDS Explodes

Global Stocks Tumble Amid Growing Contagion From Turkish Crisis

South African Rand Flash-Crashes 10% As Turkey Contagion Spreads

"Self-Fulfilling Contagion": This Is The Worst Case Scenario For Turkey

Lira Collapse To Jump The Mediterranean

Turkey Could Create A Larger Crisis Than Greece

"This Crisis Is Created By America": Turks Blame Trump For Economic Collapse

Why Turkey Is Doomed In Two Charts

Turkey Meltdown: Lira Implodes As Panicked Sellers Spark Global Contagion

Lira Plummets As Erdogan Defies Markets, Urges Citizens To Exchange Dollars For Lira

World Markets Roiled As Turkey Currency Crisis Goes Global

Latin America:

Contagion Hits Latin America: Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real Plummet


"China's Economy Is Held Together By Capital Controls. If Those Fail, The Whole System Fails

As China Suffers Its Biggest Bankruptcy Of 2018, The PBOC Finally Panics

George Magnus Fears "Looming Threat Of A Yuan Depreciation"

Michael Snyder:

That Escalated Quickly: The Emerging Market Currency Crisis Of 2018 Threatens To Destabilize The Entire Global Financial System

10 Numbers That Prove That America’s Current Financial Condition Is A Horror Show

Experts Warn That The “Scariest” Stock Market Signals Are Flashing Red

Wild And Unprecedented Price Fluctuations Are Causing Financial Chaos For U.S. Businesses

According To The “Buffett Indicator”, The Stock Market Is More Primed For A Crash Than It Has Ever Been Before


The Global Reset Will Come Like A Thief In The Night


"Cashout": FBI Warns Of Imminent Global ATM Hack

The World Is Drowning In Debt

Two Canaries To Keep An Eye On

3 Things Happening Right Now That Could Wreak Havoc On The Economy

All Is Not Well In Financial Markets

Russia Is Preparing For A "Perfect Storm" In The Global Economy

Russia Finance Minister: We May Abandon Dollar In Oil Trade As It Is Becoming "Too Risky"