Thursday, August 9, 2018


I will be away from the blog tomorrow. Hope to be back on Friday.

Here is Patriot Retort's take on what happened to Alex Jones. She had not posted this when I was putting my links together on Tuesday. Btw, I already got a reply back from Senator Inhofe, "Thank you for contacting my office about your concerns (no mention that my concern was over Alex Jones) then blah, blah, blah." I like the Senator, but seriously, dude -- read what I wrote.

Big Tech Monopolies and election interference
(gg: LOVE the photoshop of Lois Lerner!)


Would you believe I have even more bookmarked that I really don't have time to get to?

Well . . . I do.

Barbara-Bush-Death-Celebrating Professor Demands "All White Editors Resign From Power Positions"

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Ramps Up Racial Discrimination Against Whites

Eskimo Yells "I Hate White People" While Punching White Woman; Judge Rules Not A Hate Crime

Grad Student Creates Video Game To Fight “Toxic Masculinity” And “White Heteropatriarchy” to earn Master's Degree

Harvard Medical School Purges the Past of Caucasians

Maryland university uses "Pyramid Of White Supremacy" to teach diversity

MSNBC's Nicole Wallace: We're Only Talking About Parkland Because White Kids Were Killed

Netflix: Chris Rock Wants A World Where ‘White Kids Are Equally Shot’

Nigerian Popup Restaurant Offers Side Order of White Guilt

NYT Hires Editor Who Absolutely Hates White People
(gg: language alert)

NYT's Asian David Duke

Performer demands whites to move to back, give seats to minorities. When some ‘racist’ white folk refused . . .

Professor Attacks the Geometries of Whiteness

Public Minnesota Kindergarten Class Teaches Children About ‘White Privilege’

The Left's War on Whiteness

Whites Explicitly Excluded From Evergreen State Opinion Column

Wikipedia Puts Ron Paul, Rep. Steve King on List of ‘White Supremacists’