Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Alex Jones is not my cup of tea. I cannot remember the last time I linked to InfoWars. But what happened to him yesterday was evil. I suspect somebody helped organize this community of tech giants in a major effort to influence the mid-term elections. Big Tech's actions yesterday put the fake news of Russian interference in our elections lie to rest. THEY are the ones with an agenda. THEY are the real interference in our elections.

Make no mistake -- many in America hate conservatives, hate Christians, hate Republicans, hate Trump and hate anyone who works for Trump or anyone suspected of being a Trump supporter. And make no mistake -- yesterday, the Left declared open WAR. Who will be next? What will be next? Emails - so conservatives cannot even communicate with each other?

Apparently Jones made a prediction that flopped -- he said something about a civil war coming this past July 4th, and it didn't happen. Maybe he was just off by a month and a day or so.

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FLASHBACK FEB 2015: Matt Drudge on Alex Jones predicted this (scroll down to video)

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Don't know if it will help or not -- but my senator got an email from me this morning. I am at least going to say something.