Thursday, July 12, 2018


China and Russia:

China And Russia Form Uranium Partnership

China and Russia Merging Satellite Tracking Systems

China and Russia Just Signalled The World That It's Ready To Move Away From The Dollar (YouTube)- Bill Holter

War warnings:

China Creates a Laser of Mind-Boggling Power --"Could Rip Space Asunder, Breaking the Vacuum"

China Eyes Permanent Military Base In Vanuatu As Beijing Expands Reach

China Is Very Dangerous

China Prepares To Dominate South Pacific With Week Of Electronic Warfare Drills

China's Hypersonic Weapons Could Sink U.S. Aircraft Carriers (scroll down to World)

Emperor Xi Delivers Stark Warning To Trump: Hands Off Taiwan

Top General Issues Urgent Warning Over US-China Collision Course In Africa

T Minus Two Years for a War with China

War With China Would Be An Unnecessary Disaster Warns Army Major

Economic warnings:

China Dumps Treasurys As Foreigners Buy Near Record Stocks

China's Tariffs Overwhelmingly Target Counties That Voted For Trump

China's time bombs are housing and debt

In Unprecedented Move, China Plans To Pay For Oil Imports With Yuan Instead Of Dollars

Is This Why Trump Folded: China Holds Up U.S. Pork, Auto Imports

Pakistan Ditches Dollar In Trade With China In Retaliation For Trump Twitter Meltdown

Trump Administration Announces New Tariffs on $200 Billion of China Goods

US-China Trade Wars Re-Escalate

Michael Snyder warnings:

Experts Warn Of Chaos For The U.S. Economy As China Declares That “The Biggest Trade War In Economic History” Has Begun

An Absolutely Epic Escalation Of The Trade War Has Us On The Precipice Of A Cataclysmic Global Economic Crisis

Things Just Went Nuclear In Our Trade War With China, And A Giant Shockwave Is About To Hit The U.S. Economy

Why America’s Trade War With China Will Be Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy

Internal affairs:

China is launching an unhackable computer network (Daily Mail)

China Using ‘Predictive Policing’ to Put Thousands in Communist ‘Education’ Camps, claims NGO

China’s ‘Quantum Leap’ in Genetics Could Provide ‘Renewed Theoretical Foundation’ for Eugenics