Friday, July 20, 2018


Garlic is the ultimate survival food for the smart prepper

Gay man orders Chick-fil-A and nothing bad happens

Gaza-Raised Grandson of a Munich Terrorist Running for Congress

Gender-Masking Sexual Mutilation on the Rise

Generational Names in the United States

Genius of the Fake News Awards

Genius Of Trump's Food Stamp Proposal: You're Not Supposed To Like Being On Welfare

Georgetown accused of giving pro-family group’s donations to LGBT organization

Georgetown approves LGBT-only campus housing

Germany: Return of the Stasi Police State?

Giant rats the size of cats 'that stand on their hind legs and hiss' invade a Swedish town

Girl Scouts are criticizing decision by Boy Scouts to accept females

Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion, Up $16Tn In 9 Months

‘Global Firepower’ Report: World’s Strongest Military Powers Are U.S., Russia, China

Globalists Are Telling Us Exactly What Disasters They're Planning For The Economy

Golden State Killer finally arrested after 40 years of evading discovery

Governments And Social Media Companies Are Collaborating To Censor Anyone That Would Dare To Question Mainstream Media Narratives

Greenspan: 'We’re Underestimating the Impact' of Trump Corporate Tax Cut

Grey Goo is Here, New Self Replicating DNA Computers Blow the Doors Off Quantum Computers

Grow Lettuce Indoors