Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Another Obama 'legacy' bites the dust.

Trump Pulls U.S. from Iran Nuclear Deal; EU Powers Declare They'll Stay

Wow, does Daniel Greenfield ever nail it!

Trump Ends Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis; In 1,251 words, Trump crushed every lie about the Iran deal

As does Doug Powers:

The Malignant Un Self-Awareness of Barack Obama

Headlines at Breitbart:

More headlines at Breitbart:

European leaders 'weep' over Iran deal

Obama: 'Serious mistake'

Kerry panics: Claims 'crisis'

Devastating blow to Obama legacy

And at PJMedia:

Kerry, Obama Staffers Melt Down on Twitter After Trump Nukes Iran Deal

THERE IT IS! Iranian President Hassan Rouhani just CONFIRMED that the Iran Deal was a SHAM

FLASHBACK, MAY 2016: Eric Trump: Obama’s Iran Deal Drove My Father to Run for President