Friday, May 25, 2018


A Year of Russian Collusion

Academics reeling as market discipline comes to the University of Wisconsin

After Obama’s War on Coal, New England Is NOW Paying the Price…BIG LEAGUE

After the War on Statues

All Of The World's Money And Markets In One Visualization

"Amazon Pays Little Or No Taxes, Puts Thousands Of Retailers Out Of Business," says Trump

Amazon turns over record amount of customer data to U.S. law enforcement

America, You Failed Hillary Clinton, and She Won't Forget It

An actual sinkhole has opened on the White House lawn, and it’s growing

Andrew McCabe Should Sweat Prison, Not Pension

Angry Crowd Lashes Out At NRA's Dana Loesch, shouts "Burn Her", "Murderer"

Animal Hoarding: The Psychology Behind the "Cat Lady" Stereotype

Another #MeToo Liberal Male Gone: NY AG Schneiderman Resigns—Trump Predicted His Fall in 2013

Another Step Towards Collapse Of The Petrodollar

App Delivers Morning-After Pill Directly to Teen Girls Without Doctor Visits

Appeals court rules homosexuality is a protected class like race and sex 15 million free downloadable books

Artificial Embryo Created: no egg, no sperm, no problem

As Biden and Kerry Went Soft on China, Sons Made Nuclear, Military Business Deals with Chinese Gov't

Asian Student Is in Big Trouble for Explaining Racial Disparity in Accelerated Learning Program

Association Of Muslim Clerics Call For Uprising To Protest Trump’s Decision To Move Embassy To Jerusalem In May

Attkisson’s timeline showing collusion AGAINST TRUMP will leave you speechless

Awans funneled data to secret server