Thursday, April 5, 2018


More strange rules from the Left about what one cannot do.

At high schools, thou shalt not . . .

read the Ten Commandments

allow statues of Jesus, or Mary

pray to Jesus at high school graduation . . .

wear dress blues

take a knee on a football field for Jesus

On college campuses, thou shalt not . . .

ask black students questions if you are white

display wrapped packages with bows

help white athletes study (doing so reinforces white supremacy)

wear Native American headdresses, Mexican sombreros, Asian rice hats or African-inspired headwear

however, thou shalt not refuse to where a hijab (that can get you suspended)

serve 'racially insensitive' food during Black History Month in cafeterias where black students might eat (food served: bbq ribs, collard greens and cornbread - that will get you fired, even if you are black)

use the word 'women' at a women only college

use proper English grammar (it's just too hard for blacks to learn)

or be civil in college classrooms (it's a symptom of 'white racial power')

In society, thou shalt not . . .

bring watermelons as gifts to a firehouse

help teens who don't want unwanted sexual attractions

open Hawaiian-themed restaurant if not Hawaiian

question climate change

hold political office if you don't believe in climate change

refuse to vaccinate your children

travel to 'anti-LGBT' states

If you are a Christian, thou shalt not . . .

be pro-life

read Bible verses aloud in Congress

mention God in the military

oppose gay marriage

support traditional marriage

live by faith AND own a business (it's one or the other)

If you are white, thou shalt not . . .

criticize NFL kneeling

work hard (hint: it's considered racist as non-whites are not hard-workers, according to lunatic professor)