Thursday, March 1, 2018


Abraham Lincoln changed the world in two minutes

Antonio Guterres, new United Nations boss, unveils plan to promote global mass migration

Becky Griffin claims there would be fewer mass shootings if more babies were aborted

Benjamin Netanyahu targeted by Israel's 'deep state'

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett should worry about FBI investigating Clinton Foundation warns Wall Street whistleblower

Billy Graham - Preacher of the Century

Dana Loesch has the 'quote of the day'

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ ‘Islamophobia’ Claim Prompts Angered Marine To Go Public On Awans

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, appears to be Obama's pick for 2020

Dianne Feinstein Flashback 1993: ‘Day When America Could Be the Welfare State for Mexico Is Gone’

Dick Durbin denied communion over his pro-abortion voting record

Donna Brazile dedicates her book "Hacks" to “patriot” slain DNC staffer Seth Rich

George H.W. Bush becomes longest-living president in US history

George Soros, 'the eye of Sauron'

Huma Abedin knows she's in trouble

Imran Awan Scandal Shows Just How Much Dirt Dems Wanted to Hide by Focusing on Trump-Russia

James Comey and the march of the 'small people'

James Comey Held Secret Obama White House Meeting Before The Inauguration, Lied To Congress About It

JFK Scolds the Democrats From the Grave

Joe Arpaio to run for retiring Jeff Flake's senate seat

John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump

John McCain Associate Invokes The Fifth To Avoid Revealing Dossier Sources

Lois Lerner demands privacy protections the IRS denies everyday Americans

Marilyn vos Savant, the world's smartest woman

Michael Flynn never lied -- this should scare everyone

Mike Rowe on Mass Shootings

Nancy Pelosi Aghast: Trump Has “All But Destroyed President Obama’s Phenomenal Legacy

Nancy Pelosi celebrates her grandson's racial self-hatred in marathon House speech

Nancy Pelosi and fellow Dems ate $58 steaks to celebrate shutting down government paychecks to border agents and military members

Oprah talks to God, but it's okay because she's not Mike Pence

Pam Tebow Recounts How Super Bowl Ad Saved Baby’s Life

Patrick Meehan swiftly removed from House Ethics following report he settled sexual harassment claim with taxpayer money

Peter W. Smith GOP Operative Sought Clinton’s Emails Committed Suicide

Pope Francis ‘downright vindictive’

Rex Tillerson is destroying the State Department

Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy

Robert Mueller, Agent of Willful Ignorance

Samantha Power, self-described 'genocide chick'

Seth Rich And Shawn Lucas Were To Testify In The DNC Lawsuit

Susan Rice's email explained - Thomas Wictor

Susan Rice and her email - Patriot Retort

Winston Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World