Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Yesterday's post: Russia and Iran.

Today's post: North Korea and China.

These 4 troublesome nations are becoming more and more interlinked with each other.

In June 2017, John Bolton said, 'Every Time You Hear North Korea Think of Iran.'

North Korea:

North Korea Transferred Missile Components To Iran During Nuke Talks

North Korea strengthening ties with Iran

MARCH 2018: North Korea threatens to ‘counter’ U.S. over military drills

SEPT 2017: UN sanctions North Korea for testing hydrogen bomb

AUG 2017: North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan

AUG 2017: President Trump threatens North Korea with 'Fire and Fury'

AUG 2017: How Obama and Clinton appeasement with North Korea put the U.S. in jeopardy

AUG 2017: Obama administration ignored North Korea’s miniaturized nukes In 2013

APRIL 2017: North Korea Threatens US With "Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike"

APRIL 2017: Oops! North Korea Accidentally Bombed Itself In Botched Missile Test

MARCH 2017: North Korea Threatens US With "Severe Nuclear Lesson"

Beware North Koreans bearing gifts:

N. Korea willing to denuclearise if security guaranteed

North Korea is to China what Syria is to Iran -- the front lines. Threaten one, you threaten the other.


President Trump once said that what you don't want is an alliance between China and Russia.

China and Russia Creating Non-NATO Coalition

It doesn't help any that China is now getting closer to Russia's key ally in the Middle East.

U.S. Commander: China Cozying Up to Iran, Enhancing Military Posture in Middle East

China Is Accelerating Its Plan For A Military Base In Pakistan

China Unveils New Ballistic Missile Capable Of Hitting Taiwan, US Bases In Asia

Trump to Sign Taiwan Bill Opposed by Beijing

Are we prepared?

Why Can't The U.S. Defend Against A North Korea Nuke Attack? Ask Obama

And staying with Obama's political home town:

Chicago Gives Residents Tips To Survive A Nuclear Blast From North Korea