Thursday, February 8, 2018


Stock market turmoil:

Blain: "We All Know What Really Caused The VIX Storm"

It was Janet Yellen’s parting gift to Trump. As she walked out the door of the Fed for the last time, surrounded by the media, she politely posed the question: “Don’t you think stocks look overvalued?”

Just A Coincidence?: The Dow Goes From Being 567 Points Down To 567 Points Up At The Closing Bell - Michael Snyder

Pension apocalypse.

The entire nation will tremble with economic and social upheaval. . . . Pensioners will suffer the most. --David Wilkerson, Racing Toward Judgment, 1973

A Few Simple Charts Spell Disaster For Public Pension Ponzi Schemes

Global Pension Underfunding Will Hit Nearly Half A Quadrillion Dollars In 2050

Social Security Requires A Bailout That's 60x Greater Than The 2008 Emergency Bank Handout

Survey Shows Majority Of Pensioners Have No Idea Their Pensions Are Underfunded

The average person in New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, etc. is going to have a somewhat difficult time producing their $10,000 - $27,000 share of their state's massive pension and debt obligations

The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Virtually Every Pension Fund In America


California Cities Seek Record Tax Hikes as Pension Costs Mount

California Pensions are being taken away

Pension Cuts On Deck In Latest Shock To California Workers

Soaring Public Pension Costs Devastating Budgets For Education And Social Services


Maui residents outraged over massive increase in property taxes, must fund 52% spike in pension contributions


Chicago property taxes going up 10 percent to pay for pensions

Illinois’ pension debt grew by $25B during 2011 income tax hike

'Junk' Bond Status Looms as Illinois Wrestles With Budget, Pensions

Nearly half of Illinois education spending goes to pensions


Kentucky Pension Crisis Goes Nuclear As Teacher Retirements Surge 64% Over Last Year

Teachers Demand $3,200 From Each Kentucky Household To Fund Pension Ponzi For 2 Years


Over $60 billion, the shortfall in Pennsylvania’s pension fund makes it the ninth-worst in the country (scroll down)


Record Number Of Dallas Police Officers Quit In July Amid Ongoing Pension Crisis