Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Too bad.

BET Drama ‘Race Reversal’ Episode: Black Cops Shoot White Boy, White Man Lynched from Tree

Black College Fired White Professor Because of her Skin Color, Court Rules

College professor claims English language developed by whites, therefore racist

CNN: 'Ordinary People' Are 'White Supremacists by Default'

Damon Wayans Jr declared July 4 'white people proud of their racist ancestors day' on Twitter

ESPN Writer Allows Seahawk Player Michael Bennett to Denigrate White NFL Fans

Feminist magazine claims that the way to end white supremacy is for more white women to have abortions

Fordham professor claims that because Trump is white, he is a white supremacist; doesn't want women or people of color in his administration
(gg note: Hello? Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos, Victoria Coates, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ben Carson, and more.)

Guardian Cartoon Laments That There Is No Plan to Exterminate All Whites

Howard Dean Goes On Unhinged Rant Against ‘White Supremacist’ NRA

Leftist “Comedian” Threatens To Start Killing “Old A$$ Conservative White Men”

MIT Technology Review claims there are too many whites on Twitter

NARAL: Saving black babies makes you a white supremacist

New York magazine claims that Fox News is racist for having female journalists with blonde hair

Otto Warmbier Death: 'Young, White, Rich and Clueless' Comments Get Professor Fired

Professor teaches students that being white is a problem

Starbucks CEO implies that physical violence against whites is acceptable and even justified, but not against non-whites

Trinity College Professor With Anti-Israel Track Record Calls for Death of ‘Inhuman’ White People After Scalise Shooting

Trinity College professor forced to flee after tweeting that first responders to the Scalise shooting should leave white bigots to die on the field

University bans whites and straights from campus 'safe spaces'

University professor pledges to “deconstruct whiteness” in courses, otherwise would be "complicit” in white supremacy

University physics researcher denounces 'white male science'; modern science based mostly on discoveries by white men, therefore, it is racist, and sexist, and needs to be replaced by new science

White actor who wants acting jobs demands MSNBC stop hiring white conservatives