Friday, February 23, 2018


Nail in the NFL’s Coffin

National Anthem Banned at California High School

Navy calls China's new J-20 stealth fighter "Serious Threat" to US assets

Nearly 1/2 of all Mass Shootings Since 2000 Have Been Carried Out By Immigrants

Neither Israel nor Palestinians Will 'Love' Trump's Peace Plan, Says Haley; Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt are likely 'finishing up' the plan, UN envoy Nikki Haley says to a crowd at the University of Chicago

Nellie Ohr: Woman in the Middle

Netanyahu vs. the Left’s Deep State; The deep state is waging war on Trump and Netanyahu

Netanyahu waves piece of downed drone, threatens direct military action against Iran

New California declares 'independence' from California in bid to become 51st state

New Raft of Federal Charges Against Manafort, Gates Across the Potomac

New Research, Yellowstone and other Volcano's, Might Not Have A 2 Week Warning For Eruption

New York AG uses below-the-belt measures on pro-lifers so he could win his case

Newsweek Fires Top Editors, Staffers Told To Go Home

NLRB Memo: James Damore Manifesto Was 'Sexual Harassment' and Google Was Right to Fire Him

No Coincidence Pro-Rape Hollywood and Media are Anti-Gun

No Woman Has Constitutional Right to Abortion, Says West Virginia Senate

Nothing! Broward County sheriff hired to protect Parkland school stayed outside while Cruz went on his shooting rampage

North Carolina university offers 'Sex Week'; no topic off limit

North Korean EMP attack could kill millions and turn America into a post-apocalyptic wasteland

Number of Teens who Are Depressed is Soaring — and All Signs Point to Smartphones

Nunes Demands Answers from Senior Obama Officials on Steele Dossier

NYC: 1 in 3 babies aborted, highest abortion to live rate in nation