Friday, January 26, 2018


Carillion pension collapse just the first of many to come in global Ponzi scheme

CDC - Something Other Than Influenza A - B Making Everyone Sick

Cellphone experiment by 9th grade students gets attention of scientists across the world; found that students who slept with their cellphones had trouble concentrating and sleeping

Charles Manson, a Villain Praised as a Counterculture Hero in 1969

Chelsea Clinton set Hillary up to get STOMPED by Sebastian Gorka with gun control tweet

Christian Daily Reporter

Chris Matthews: ‘To Some People’ Obama Is ‘Still the President’

Chronic wasting disease that is killing deer across the US could spread to humans worry scientists

CNN claims Trump is borderline obese, predicts (hopes?) he will die of heart attack in 3-5 years

'Collusion,' Look At Obama's Dirty Dealings With Iran

'Collusion' by Branco

"Collusion" Conspiracy Crumbles: Facebook Finds "Insignificant Overlap" Between Russian Ads, Trump

Colorado “neither tolerant nor respectful” claims Kennedy

Colorado student suspended and forced to apologize and give a hug to a social studies teacher at her school she reported for sexually assaulting her

Comey's Keystone Kops

Common Core is Dead at U.S. Department of Education

Connecticut deer are dying from ebola-type disease

Connecticut's rich are fleeing the state

Cop-Killing Illegal Laughs, Wishes He Had Killed More

Couple Found Murdered in Their Toronto Home Linked to Clinton Foundation’s Relief Efforts in Haiti

Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza SHOCKED to learn he was flagged by Obama’s FBI as a “critic” — before they jailed him

Crowdstrike Payments Coincide With Deaths Of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas