Tuesday, January 16, 2018


$1 million donation by Apple to Southern Poverty Law Center to protest Trump

$2 million over asking price for homes in Silicon Valley

$2 million by Rosie O'Donnell to certain GOP senators if they would vote against Trump's tax bill

$2 million to Comey for book deal

$2.85 million to the Clintons for selling uranium to the Russians

$2.9 million by Obama campaigners to beat Roy Moore in Alabama

$3 million fine for Hobby Lobby for acquiring smuggled Iraqi artifacts

$4 million home for Maxine Waters

$6 million in ransom by HBO hackers after posting stolen 'Game Of Throne' scripts online

$6.7 million spent by Mueller in 4 months to investigate 'Russian collusion' versus same amount to investigate Benghazi in 2 years

$8 million and an apology from Canadian government to former Gitmo prisoner who killed U.S. soldier

$9 million for the Russian dossier

$10 million lawsuit by professor against skeptics of his global warming paper

$10 million, or more, lost by tennis legend Boris Becker to Nigerian scammers

$11 million gold heist from Brinks

$12.5 million fine for Bank of America for creating at least 15 mini 'flash crashes'

$14 million for empty field in Chicago where 'mysterious antenna' has appeared

$15 million paid out for sexual harassment claims by the same Congress that threatened to expel Roy Moore

$40 million per year -- Stephen Curry gets biggest contract in NBA history

$40 million burned by Dems to lose 4 elections and scam supporters

$84 million money-laundering scheme of Hillary Clinton's

$89 million from NFL to leftist causes

$90 million lost from New York Daily News in last 3 years