Thursday, December 7, 2017


Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital; Finally, the ancient Jewish city can take its place among world capitals

Netanyahu Thanks Trump: 'The Jewish People and the Jewish State Will Be Forever Grateful'; calls decision 'historic'

Like Netanyahu, some of the responses were positive:

A Momentous Day: Jewish Leaders and Israel Advocates Respond to Trump Announcement on Jerusalem

Following Trump’s Lead, Czech Republic Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Alan Dershowitz: Trump decision on Jerusalem fixes Obama's mistakes

Predictably, however, many were not:

Abbas: Palestinians furious, US can no longer mediate Israel-Palestinian talks

EU: Federica Mogherini slams Trump's Jerusalem announcement, claims 'dark' times now lie ahead, insists Jerusalem must be shared with the Palestinians
(gg note: Mogherini was a chief architect of Obama's Iran nuclear deal)

Iran: Trump's decision on Jerusalem 'will not be tolerated'

Jordan: Trump 'violated' international law on Jerusalem

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Trump is recognizing Jerusalem to appease evangelicals with their crazy mythical beliefs about Israel

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough chastises Trump for embassy move, although he voted for it in 1995

Muslim Brotherhood: US 'enemy' of Arab world after Trump embassy announcement

Russia: Trump decision on Jerusalem may worsen Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Saudi Arabia: Slams Trump's decision, calls move 'unjustified and irresponsible'

U.N. Security Council: Calls for emergency meeting over Jerusalem

Vatican newspaper: Trump's Jerusalem announcement 'inflames' Middle East

WashPost: Trump Appeared to Lack Understanding of Jerusalem Decision

There's this observation by Daily Crow:
(screenshot as DC doesn't do permalinks to daily updates)

Same-time news events:

60,000 acres, 70 square miles with zero percent containment: Thomas fire driven by ferocious Santa Ana winds approaches downtown Ventura

80 mph winds feeding the Californian fires as 200,000 under evacuation orders

Michael Snyder: Potential government shutdown is potentially just hours away

Stay tuned - I'm sure more pearl-clutching is on the way!