Monday, December 11, 2017


And the men of Sodom said to Lot, "now will we deal worse with thee, than with them" --Genesis 19:9

Yes, LGBT Activists Want to Punish Christian Conservatives

Yes, LGBT Activists Really do Want to put Christians in Jail


Christian teacher suspended for ‘misgendering’ female students

Christian ‘Extremists’ Opposing Gay Marriage May Be Criminalised By Radical Islam Bill in UK

Christians who do not support same-sex marriage in Britain are now ineligible to adopt children

Preacher Locked Up, Charged with Hate Crime for Quoting Bible to Gay Teen

The Guardian: Bible Is the Cause of Christian ‘Homophobia’


UN Gay Rights Envoy: Religious Freedom ‘Not an Absolute Right’


ADF files "pre-enforcement suit" against Wisconsin photographer as warning to support same-sex marriage, but court rules in photographer's favor

Alabama city withdraws bathroom privacy ordinance after LGBT pressure

Another bakery in trouble for not 'baking the cake,' this time in Bakersfield, California

CBS: Religious Freedom A 'License to Discriminate' Against LGBT People for 'Extreme' Christians

Christian Baker Can Be Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cakes to Stay in Business, Colorado Supreme Court Says

ChristianMingle Must Include Gays, Judge Rules

Colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman’s ‘spouse’

D.C. Guard Charged With Assault After Confronting Transgender Man Using Women's Restroom

De Blasio's Human Rights Commission to fine NYC businesses that 'misgender' customers

Evangelist asks gay baker to make a cake supporting traditional marriage, faces criminal charges

First Liberty Institute Seeks Justice for Air Force Colonel Targeted for His Faith

Franklin Graham: 'Christians Are Being Persecuted' Because They Don't Support 'Gay-Lesbian Agenda'

Gay Coffee Shop Owner Forcibly Ejects Christians for their Beliefs

Georgetown LGBT Lobby Calls for Defunding of Pro-Marriage Student Group as ‘Homophobic’

Google, Facebook and Twitter target those who support traditional marriage

Human Rights Campaign convinced Apple, Amazon, Citi, and Marriott to persecute Colorado baker with Supreme Court brief

Justice Kennedy actually blasts Colorado: Neither 'neither tolerant nor respectful' toward Christian baker

LGBT activists demand St. Louis Cardinals punish Christians

North Carolina punished by multiple businesses and athletic organizations for not allowing men in women's restrooms

Oregon Christian bakers file appeal over $135,000 ‘gag order’ for refusing gay ‘marriage’ cake

And this is such a doozy that it needs to be included every time I post this post:

Joe Biden: Christians Violate Gay Rights Simply by Existing