Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Jesus’ Tomb Dated to Roman Times

Newly-Discovered Portions of Western Wall and Roman Theater Unveiled in Jerusalem

Israel's Legacy: Six Days That Shaped a Nation

Sadat's Historic Visit to Israel: 40 Years Later


151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem

Israel expects Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital within days

Palestinians Threaten Violence if US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli Capital

Palestinians Call for Emergency Meeting of Arab League Over Jerusalem Recognition

Turkey and Jordan warn of consequences if Trump moves embassy to Jerusalem

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a red line warn Arab leaders, including Saudi Arabia

Europe rattled Trump may recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Zechariah 12 Scenario Unfolds: World Votes To Divide Jerusalem


Peace process:

Rumor: Netanyahu expected to accept Trump peace plan

Trump’s mystery plan for Mideast peace

Report: Trump Mulling Tripling the Size of Gaza to Create Palestinian State in Sinai

Kushner says Mideast peace is essential to thwarting Iran and Islamist extremism

Israel and Saudi Arabia

SEPT: Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble

Trump: Israelis and Arabs Share 'Common Cause' Against Iran

Israel and Syria:

DEC 3: Israel Sends Unmistakable Message to Iran by Bombing Its Base in Syria

NOV 28: Israel Threatens to Destroy Iranian Positions Near Its Border

OCT 16: Syria warns of 'serious repercussions' following Israeli airstrike

OCT 13: Israeli TV Shows Footage Of ISIS Training Camp On Israel's Border with Syria

SEPT 22: Israel strikes Damascus after Syrian missile defense fires on aircraft

APRIL 27: Israel strikes arms depot near Damascus airport

Israel and the U.S.:

President Trump is proving he is a friend to Israel

US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel

US Army to Deploy Israeli Trophy Armor System on Tanks