Friday, December 1, 2017


We have this news this morning from Michael Snyder:

It Is Being Reported That Donald Trump May Recognize Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel In December

Interesting same-time story:

Mag 4.1 hits Delaware just 7 miles northeast of Dover Air Force Base

Dover Air Force Base:

It may be interesting to note that Dover is DOD's largest mortuary base, meaning it is the place where those who are killed overseas are brought home to first. And it's not just military dead. Sometimes, in special situations, such as those killed in the Space Challenger explosion, and those who died in Jonestown, have also been brought here. Very strange place to have an earthquake I would think.


Amazon Alexa Says Jesus Christ Is a 'Fictional Character' and Gender Is a Spectrum

Bubonic plague in Madagascar may be declining

Congress hands Trump a historic presidential victory

Denzel Washington to Black America: Stop Blaming the Prison System, ‘It Starts at Home’

Empty Seats Greatly Outnumber Fans As NFL Treats Shrinking Number of Spectators to Protests, Fights, and Bad Football

Following the Trump-Russia Dossier Money; Proof solidifies that Fusion GPS took money from Democrat law firms

Goldman: The Last Time This Happened Was Just Months Before The Start Of The Great Depression

Hawaii activates North Korea attack sirens over missile strike fears

Iran vs. Israel: Might it lead to war?

Jihad Christmas, Kim’s Got a Warhead, and Baby, It’s Gonna Get Cold

Khatalla verdict outrages Benghazi victims' families

Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

Michael Flynn charged with lying to FBI, set to plead guilty

New Yorker journo connects the dots between NBC blocking Ronan Farrow’s story and Lauer

Obamacare’s Revenge: The IRS Will Not Process Your Tax Return Unless You Tell Them Whether You Have Health Insurance Or Not

Pence sees 'hand of Heaven' on Israel, U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

698 Earthquakes In California Within The Past 30 Days
6.7 on mid-Atlantic Ridge is 17th major quake of November
3 earthquakes hit eastern Iran in quick succession close to Isfahan and Bushehr Nuclear sites

Rocket Man Puts World On Edge; New missile testing shows all of the US in range of North Korean regime

Samples of live bacteria found outside space station is NOT from earth

Trump’s Christmas card says ‘Merry Christmas,’ Obama’s never did

USATODAY: Obama and Hillary Directly Responsible for Libya Slave Trade Problem!

Vanguard Warns US Stock Market Has 70 Percent Chance of Crashing

WaPo Reporter Caught On Hidden Camera Being A Bit Too Honest; Admits "No Evidence" Of Trump-Russia Collusion

x-Secretary of State John Kerry claims Israel and Saudi Arabia urged preemptive U.S. strike on Iran prior to Obama's nuclear deal

Yellen makes final appearance before Congress; warns asset valuations are high, but risk is 'contained'

Zarate gets to walk!
Zarate jury spit on Kate Steinle to spite Trump's immigration policies.
Zarate Verdict a 'Miscarriage of Justice' in the Profoundest Sense - Mark Stein
Zarate's attorney says "not guilty" verdict is “all about immigrant rights”
Zarate verdict makes liberals rejoice that illegal not held accountable for murder of Kate Steinle