Thursday, October 26, 2017


Since today is Hillary Clinton's birthday, and Patriot Retort posted HRC's 'Happy Birthday to me' tweet from last year, and I have been bookmarking some of these doozies, I thought why not make a post.

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary tweets that haven't aged well
(How about 'Happy Birthday to this future President felon')

And this ouch!:

Hillary Clinton Explains The Way To Stop Terrorism Is To "Understand" Other Cultures & Their Food
(She's not hinting Ambassador Stevens should have eaten more couscous and Bazin, is she?)

The Obamas:

Michelle Obama insults women for not voting for Hillary in 2016
(Except for 2008, of course.)

Nancy Pelosi tweets her disgust with the economic policies of 'Bush 44'
('Obama 44' not sure how to take that.)

Money and politics:

Jon Ossoff spends $40 million on lost election in Georgia, then complains about money in politics
(One almost feels sorry for him; after all, only $9 million was spent for the Trump dossier.)

War on hurricane survivors:

In Florida, you can’t use your own solar panels after a hurricane

Within hours after Irma left Florida, county agents already writing citations and warnings for debris-damaged yards that had not been cleaned up


War on homeless:

California Department of Transportation builds wall in San Jose to prevent homeless people from returning to their campsite
(Wait, what?)

War on free speech:

200 ACLU staffers sign open letter condemning free speech
(I have no words.)

War on history:

Harvard tweets US created with Treaty of Paris in 1783
(Which, of course, is news to Benjamin Franklin.)

War on common sense:

The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize goes to . . . Black Lives Matter (no, seriously)
(Something started really going wrong with that organization somewhere back around 2009.)

War on men:

Australian feminist/author asks publicly: Have you killed any men today? If not, why not?
(Ummm . . . because it's wrong?)

Transgender activist smears straight men as bigots if not attracted to transgendered women
(Uhhh . . . because it's gross!)

War on the Trumps:

Kathy Griffin holds up severed head of Donald Trump then weeps that he's trying to ruin her life
(Sorry, I don't see it.)

Children's author mocks Barron Trump's pain at seeing Kathy Griffin holding his dad's severed head
(Yes, children's author.)

Newsweek Writer Decries the Trump Women's 'Come Hither' High Heels
(Had we elected Hillary, this wouldn't have been an issue. Ever.
Come to think it, it wasn't an issue for Michelle O. either. )

War on babies:

Alyssa Milano angered that illegal immigrant woman unable to attain abortion, calls it 'war on women and children'
(Honey, abortion IS war on children. They are slaughtered and dismembered for no other reason than an agenda.)

Nancy Pelosi claims GOP 'dishonor God' with their healthcare bill
Nancy Pelosi claims Trump dishonors 'grandchildren' with pullout of Paris climate agreement
(I almost hate to point this out, but . . . the biggest supporter of abortion in Congress needs to learn that abortion dishonors God AND kills grandchildren. You need to be quiet. And repent. Both of you.)

Planned Parenthood tweets that they want children 'raised without the fear of violence'
(Dear God, please utterly destroy this murderous abomination off the face of the earth!)


Mother Stabs Her Newborn to Death Because She Thought a Baby Would “Harm” Her Career
(And murder wouldn't? What kind of job does she have?)

And last, but not least, Harvey Weinstein:

Added bonus -- they call out Hillary and Michelle O, too!