Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Daily Crow is noting the interesting timing between the fierce outbreak of California's wildfires and the enactment of two laws on his 'Daily Updates' page:

Michael Snyder: Another Major Disaster Hits The U.S. – A Massive ‘Firestorm’ Is Burning Tens Of Thousands Of Acres In Northern California

Zerohedge: 10 Dead, 1000s Displaced After Wildfires Engulf Napa, Sonoma And 6 Other California Counties

FLASHBACK, FEB 2017: California's mega-drought leaves millions of dead trees

New Bill Would Imprison Healthcare Workers For Using Incorrect Pronouns With Patients

No Longer a Felony to Deliberately Spread HIV in California

Here are some other California liberal laws:

California governor signs minimum wage hike, admits it doesn't make economic sense

California Just Legalized Child Prostitution

Californian Senator Richard Pan pushing to outlaw parental rights in all medical decisions

With Obamacare in jeopardy, California considers going it alone with ‘single-payer’ system which would cover everybody, including illegal aliens; costs of this one program would exceed entire state income

CA bans state employees from traveling to 8 states that it deems as homophobic

California about to pass the ‘Medical Pedophiles Protection Act’ to criminalize journalists for posting videos that document medical abuse of children, seniors and surgical patients

Shoplifting Runs Rampant In California After Rule Changes

California bill threatens existence of faith-driven colleges

California Passes Massive New Climate Change Carbon Tax, Regulations

School districts sending hundreds of CA kids home from school due to new vaccination law

School districts notifying parents that homeschooling is not lawful in California

CA law now allows registered sex offenders in classrooms

Dem. Assemblyman Pushes Bill to Guarantee Teachers Cannot Shoot Back if Attackers Strike

California Adds LGBT History To Curriculum, Starting In Second Grade

California Schools Approve Teaching Students: ‘It’s Okay To Break The Law, Police Are Evil’

California has highest income tax rates in the nation, ranked worst for businesses for 12 straight years, and seeks to regulate cow farts

Two of California’s most dangerous cities targeting pro-life centers

New bill punishes anyone who makes an undercover film about abortion subject to one year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines

Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Criminalizing Journalists Who Distribute Recordings of Abortion Providers

California’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Law Goes Into Effect