Thursday, October 12, 2017


An End Times Ambiance

Burning Man and the Fall of Mankind

China on pace to dethrone the U.S.

Daily Crow - Harvey To Harvest And Quite A Lot In Between

Equifax breach fallout - your salary history

Fukushima nuclear waste being released into ocean — ‘Surprisingly’ high levels of radiation now detected along Pacific coast and in groundwater far from reactors — Expert: No one expected this — “Alarming example of how radiation has spread”

Gun Control: Another Progressive Power Grab

Hollywood is America's Conscience or Something

It isn’t outrage, Joy; it’s Schadenfreude

Jim Rickards: This is the only Russia story that matters - its war on the dollar

Killing Obamacare by making states follow Obamacare

Little Sisters of the Poor Saved! Trump destroys Obama's birth control mandate


New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian Trump Dossier

One Day After Historic Saudi-Russian Summit, US Suspends Military Exercises With "Arab Allies"

Puerto Rico sent 'a plane loaded with cash'

Quake swarm in Canary Islands now being monitored by five scientists

Red Flag Warning: These California Wildfires Are ‘Among The Most Destructive Fire Events In US History’ And They Are About To Get Even Worse

Shades of Joel Osteen in the Book of Job

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch in the aftermath of Las Vegas shooting: 'I don't trust the FBI'

US Destroyer Carries Out Trump's 4th "Freedom Of Navigation" Operation In South China Sea

VP Pence walks out of 49ers game when players refuse to stand for flag; players angered that he pulled a public stunt in response to their public stunt, claim oppression that Pence didn't stay

What does historic Saudi-Russia meeting mean for Israel?

x-Transgender: It's insane to ignore mental illness

Yellowstone capable of much greater devastating super eruption than previously thought