Thursday, October 5, 2017


Amazon Will Host ‘Most Sensitive’ U.S. Defense Data

Bodyguard gives harrowing account of Benghazi attack

China Is Worried The World Is At Risk Of Seeing An Economic Apocalypse

De-Dollarisation - China and Russia's Plan From Petroyuan To Gold, parts 1 and 2

ExxonMobile dethroned as world's top energy company

Fukushima operator given green light to restart nuclear reactors

Google and Target among corporations backing LGBT ‘civil rights’ bill

How Obama enabled the rise of Iran in Syria and why Israel is taking action

Interpol admits Palestine as a full member despite vociferous objections from Israel and the U.S.

John McTernan: Birth Pangs

Kneeling for a self-deceiving lie

Lawmakers Set Sights on Obama Unmasking Scandal

Major questions before the Supreme Court this fall (L.A. Times)

Nothing Makes Liberals Angrier Than Us Normals Insisting On Our Rights

Obama funneled millions to destroy Trump; “Wall Street might be shocked to learn it is helping bankroll the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ movement that’s aggressively fighting policies it favors – including corporate tax cuts and the repeal of Obama-era banking and health-care regulations”

Prophetic parallels between America and Nineveh

Quake swarm at Yellowstone now longest on record (Newsweek)

Russia military accuses U.S. of supporting ISIS in Syria
Russia does not exclude possibility of war with NATO

September 2017: The most devastating month in recent history! A look back at the devastation of 30 days which changed millions of lives forever!

Taking a knee and killing the golden goose

Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About

Vegas Gunman Was Prescribed Drugs That Can Lead To Violent Behavior

What Parades in Pyongyang Ends Up in Tehran

x-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich: Obama wiretapping of Manafort 'egregious' abuse of power

Year To Remember: 5777 Brought Historic Signs, Warnings, And Judgments

Zika: Single mutation tied to Zika's ability to cause microcephaly, GBS