Wednesday, October 4, 2017


'Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki' is ISIS' name for Stephen Paddock

Bill Koenig interviewed on ‘Eye to Eye’

Clarence Thomas Finally Included in African American Museum

David Daleiden, attorneys, fined $200,000 over undercover Planned Parenthood videos (Washington Times)

Erdogan says Turkey no longer needs EU membership

Franklin Graham: We Have Judges Who Hate God

Gowdy on Vegas Shooting: ‘Difficult to Believe That a Single Person Could Have Done This Without Detection’

Hugh Hefner's true legacy: Mainstreaming the sexual objectification of women

Inuit elders inform NASA 'sky has changed,' and permafrost is thawing at alarming rate

John McCain kills GOP's last attempt to overturn Obamacare

Kal Penn is an idiot

Lebron James' attack on Trump

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder, defends Israel at U.N.

Netanyahu declares Iran has no fiercer enemy than Israel

Obama's Watergate

Putin is the new master of the Middle East

QB signed before Kapaernick enrages Twitter

Rhodes or Rice leaked the fake news story that Obama lectured Mark Zuckerberg about Russia

Stephen Craig Paddock is now the worst mass shooter in U.S. history

Tom Cotton argues that President Trump should not recertify Obama's Iran nuclear deal when he reports to Congress mid-October

'Uncle Tom' and the 'N-Word' Which term is more destructive today?

Valerie Plame outs herself as an anti-Semite

Wasserman Schultz scandal isn't going away

x-NSA employee stuffed classified report into her pantyhose

Yellen not feelin' the love from Trump's inner circle to remain Fed chairwoman

Zuckerberg colluded with Hillary Clinton campaign