Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Aerospace company founder claims extraterrestrials are already HERE on Earth

A lot of Americans claim we declared our independence from MEXICO and not Great Britain

Bioquark claims they are starting trials to bring people back to life

DeRay Mckesson claims that the new ‘Planet Of Apes’ movie is mocking him and his blue vest and mocking the Black Lives Matter movement

Harvard researchers claim they've created a telepathic gateway between a human and a rat brain

Harvard scientists claim that they are close to bringing back the extinct woolly mammoth

Maxine Waters, D-CA, claims that because of Trump, 700 BILLION people are losing their health care (gg: Hmmm . . . maybe there are more illegal aliens in California than we originally thought.)

New York Times reporter claims that the way white women walk on the sidewalk is racist!

And speaking of New York:

Report claims naked illegal alien panhandlers are running amok in Times Square

Restaurant union member claims tipping waiters and waitresses is a 'Horrific Legacy from the Days of Slavery' (gg: I had NO idea plantation owners 'tipped' slaves for their services back then. Who knew?)

Stephen Hawking claims Trump’s Withdrawal From Paris Farce Will Cause 250° Temperatures, Sulfuric Acid Rain

The Atlantic claims that people who detect patterns are intelligent, therefore racist

Turkish Government claims video games, like Guitar Hero, Call Of Duty, Pac-Man, are “Spreading Islamophobia”

(gg: Wow, I've really gotten hammered today -- I'm white, I'm a woman, I walk on sidewalks, and I detect patterns. And wouldn't you know it, I like playing Pac-Man! Sigh!)